The End is Nearer…!

I’m not posting much on what I consider the out right stupidity of the PTBs nor getting all doomy and gloomy.  It really does not do a lot of good to convince the people who don’t or won’t prepare to change.  I mean just look at your basic bills you have to pay to live, from food and energy to your shelter and health care all of those are going up rather dramatically. Yet the Fed and the government claim inflation is low because how the adjust “inflation”.  If  having to much month left at the end of your money won’t convince you, I doubt anything I can write in this little blog will help you.  If you want to become prepared you must do the work and find what works best for you!  It is pretty simple to start preparing and getting self-reliant but that does not make it easy.  Most common disasters are not huge and are very personal. Getting sick and can’t work, a home fire and things of that sort will always come up and bite you on the butt!  It’s pretty dang hard to live in perpetual fear and for myself  I sort have moved away from the Doom & Gloom and moved to a more pro-active and taking  positive actions in I’m doing to prepare and become self-reliant.

I did a lot of preaching on this blog in the early days and spend a few days absolutely terrified that things would go downhill fast and so many were not prepared for it. I will warn people that I think there is something specific you should focus on but explaining the Global cabal of elites and the neofuedualism is something you can look up and learn. Sometimes it is intuition and sometimes it is hard data but I tell you what I am doing and you can set your own priorities.  It might sound a little odd but I’m enjoy becoming self reliant. I’m in a very happy place mentally and financially though it’s not perfect and I still have many goals to get done.

I got the chair from neighbor A and I love it! It is one of the most comfy chairs I have ever sat in. I had Smokey the cat give it a good look over in case any rodents had decided to setup housekeeping and then vacuumed it. It’s not perfect as the fabric is a bit worn is some areas but I love sitting it.  Of course I had to get the living room arranged to some how fit this chair and not the easiest thing to do with my over-sized furniture plus the wood stove all sharing the space in a small living room. I should get furniture that fits better in the room but I never saw anything I liked better than the stuff I have already. With new chair I have an idea moving back to the 1930’s-1940’s look and sort of restore the house to something similar to when it was built.  Of course that means antiques but I can get a piece at a time and not pay a lot up front.

I finished getting the kitchen arranged as well as ready for moving in a new dishwasher and the fridge back to the original spot.  Of course it will be awhile before I can afford the new dishwasher but I like the new setup and so far it is working out.  Once the fridge is back where it belongs I can add some cabinets and works space along the opposite wall without overcrowding the kitchen. It sort of hard to explain but the kitchen not only works  better because of the work flow but it just feels better to be in and putter around.  It might be that I can see the potential instead of it’s limitations.

I found out it was Dad that found the RV vent at a yard sale and dropped it off. He is coming over to cut down a couple of volunteer trees and some of the mill ends while it is cool. I have to say his chop saw makes very fast work of getting the mill ends down to a size for my wood stove. I moved a work table out to the mill-end pile so he doesn’t have to grab my glass bistro table to work on. I’m probably worried about nothing but all I see is the glass shattering under that sort of work.  I took over 2 of the “cracked” glass globe solar lamps for Father’s Day to replace the the one that got stolen last year. He put them in the backyard so hopefully they won’t disappear this time.  These lamps are made with real glass and are heavy for their size so I have high hopes they will last a long time.  I know I whine sometimes about Dad but he really is the best!




10 Responses to The End is Nearer…!

  1. Marilyn says:

    “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear” not even sure what scripture that is and too lazy to go look it up right now but it is true. Getting prepared creates a lot of peace of mind.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn, you are correct once I got past my “fearful” period of thinking I could not get ready in time! I sort of evolved from trying to everything all at once and think about how I had done my best and let go and let God take care of the rest!

      It does not mean I ignore what is happening I simply take a look at what I have and should I change my focus because of what is happening.

      This is becoming very exciting now that I’m sort of finished with the “basics” I can concentrate on skills as well as enjoying the Peace of mind I have created from those years of hard work.

  2. Men who have done things for me just use anything in the yard for a work table or to sling their chainsaw and oil. Now, I explain they can sit at or eat any table or chair, but to repair the lawnmower or chainsaw on the tailgate of the truck. I’m glad you have someone to with a saw for the wood cutting.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical : Dad gave me a table saw when I moved in and it will do the job, but Dad and the chopsaw is simply faster than me. He can cut more in an hour than I do in a couple of days though I do seem to be getting a bit better stamina wise. Plus this work table is much bigger and he can’t hurt it so he might even be faster compared to using the small Bistro table.

      Mom and I have some interesting project/skills we have planed out for the next couple of months. We are focusing on skills and it’s a lot of fun learning and doing new things.

  3. Julia says:

    For your “new” furniture, start shopping Estate Sales. They are different from garage and yard sales as they sell off the whole house full. Usually sell at half price toward the end of the sale. Usually much better quality than at garage sales. Good luck and keep your good attitude. Julia

    • Jamie says:

      Julia I had not thought about the Estate sales, good idea once I get a little bit of cash built up to play with antiqueing.

      I was talking to Mom and she would like first dibs on my over-sized furniture for Dad TV room. I think it would look great in the TV room plus it is still in great shape.

  4. Someone didn’t mention for you first to be sure that it isn’t your estate that gets sold off. 🙂

  5. Jamie says:

    rat, Yeah I know you are joking It would really piss me off if I die. I still have so much to do!

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