Downside to cool weather, I hurt

One more day to go before we shift back to more normal summer weather. I seem awfully sensitive to those weather changes and I should have fired up the wood stove rather than try and tough out the cooler temps.  I got the beer and bread made even pulled a few weeds here and there but I did not make quite the dent in all the jobs I had hoped for originally. I need to get the weeding done as a priority, the wood pile can wait is it mostly under cover and I have a little more time before it is needed.  At least I got most things actually set up to do the work so overall I’m  not too disappointed.

Mom and my aunt stopped by and saw the new chair and both love the look and comfort of it. My aunt picked up the beer grains and informed us she has added two more little female goats to little herd. Twins born on her birthday which is cool.  Once I get a little bit of cash on hand for the new/old furniture I’m sure Mom would love to help me look for pieces. While Mom and I don’t have exactly the same taste in stuff, I sort of need her as I’m slightly colorblind and if I’m not careful I can pick some odd color combinations.

Added a few things to the shopping list. At Albertson’s they have Wild caught salmon for $1.99 a pound I’d like to try smoking and canning it for the pantry.  Smoking the salmon is for flavor only, not as a preservative.  The Book “Putting Things By” recommends leaving the bones in  the fish for canning.  I can handle that as I’m not very good at fileting fish.  Fiora toilet paper and paper towels are on sale and I’m going to get another 12 pack of the toilet paper for $3.99.

Ham club meeting tomorrow and I will find out if having the wrong middle initial is a big deal of if it is a simple fix. Once I’m sure everything is okay I’ll get busy learning and using the Ham radio.  I’m getting a lot done this year but there is a a lot left to do.

7 Responses to Downside to cool weather, I hurt

  1. The bones in salmon soften as it is canned. Eat the bones for the extra nutrition–calcium.

  2. Spud says:

    When you go to Ham club, could you ask and find out if an ICOM IC-M700 will be any use to me ?

    • Jamie says:

      Spud I’ll see what I can find out. I’m assuming you want to use the radio on Ham Freqs and not just Marine.

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, I asked about the IC-M700 and the first thing the guys said is don’t buy it! From what I understand it is a all marine radio channel based and non-programable. Now this is off the cuff with little research so there might be more info available.

      • Spud says:

        Well actually I’ve owned it about ten years now and had it on my sailboat. Just kinda wondering if it might have any value for coms after SHTF.

      • Jamie says:

        Spud, when you consider how many people have boats I think VHF marine radios will be a good back up commo choice.

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