New developments and ideas

Stopped by the beer lady to pick up a few supplies and it was neat to see her doing a “hard lemonade” with the Bootlegger bottle.  While you can make booze in as little as 12 hours with the Bootlegger bottle letting it “condition/age” a few days really improves the flavor. It is still a very fast processing time and a very easy start to making alcohol similar to beers and wines.  I’m hoping I will get a good crop of watermelon, cantloupe, grapes and some apples from my yard this year and I can use those in making some “Adult beverages”.  Many natural remedies use “Elixirs” as a carrier for home made medicine. An Elixir has less than 40% alcohol similar to something like NyQuil.  The advantage for me is I know exactly what is in the bottle because it come from my own garden.

The beer lady took a fall and got somewhat bruised on a shoulder and a bit on the knee. My pain relief salve did not seem to make much of a difference on her pain.  I think my salve works best on chronic nerve and possibly arthritic pain but maybe not as well on on something like bruises or acute pain like a sprain.  The beer lady did ask for something for dry skin and she loved the smell of the pain salve.  I made up an oil  for dry skin using Rice Bran oil that is rich in vitamin E along with a few essential oils.  I want Mom to play lab rat along with myself though I don’t have a huge problem with dry skin.  The beer lady has been wanting to get into essential oils and home made soaps,  but her time is limited what with all she does with the shop and doing classes and stuff.  She trusts me to do the work and she offered to play lab rat as well.  It’s quite a compliment to be trusted that much.   The beer lady is looking into the distiller I want to get for making my own essential oils and getting some additional data.

I took another look at the Coconut oil offered by Cash & Carry while I was picking up the rice and it is a 50 pound bucket for $100.54. That is about $2.00 for every 16 oz. of coconut oil which is super cheap compared to most store prices.  If you buy coconut oil and find it around $4.00 a pound you know you are getting a bargain.  The problem is coming up with the $100.00 all at once  for the oil.  Natural beeswax isn’t cheap either even when you do most of the cleaning yourself. Though it does have a good payback at the Farmer’s market usually.  That’s the most annoying thing about buying in bulk. You get a great per pound price but you have to make a big initial investment in cash.  Mom really wants to learn candle making with beeswax and my first salve response  has been very positive, so we will probably go with the bulk beeswax buy first.  Once I get the distiller I think the bulk coconut oil will be my next purchase even if I have to pay the up front costs I’m pretty sure when my Mom or Aunt G. needs some coconut oil they will buy from me.

Still working on the 55 gallon drums for the “7 year food plan” and just added another 100 pounds of rice to the drum. I did some measurements and 50 pounds of rice is about 4 inches thick in the drum. The drum is 36 inches tall so it should hold about nine, 50 pound bags of rice or 450 pounds. I’m going to low ball my estimate to about 400 pounds of rice in a 55 gallon barrel.  The wheat is about the same as the rice, though the Bean and Multi-grain barrels max out at 250-300 pounds.  The 55 gallon drums are 36 inches tall and 24 inches across. Using these drums you could store over a 1/2 ton of food, good for 10-25 years on  two pallets and have room leftover on the pallets for two, 60 gallon water barrels. Plus all the food is ready to buy and relatively cheap at your local mega mart or grocery warehouse store.  400 pounds of rice equals about 3200 4 oz. servings, at 2 meals a day that is over 4 years worth of food for one person or 1 year for a family of four with a little bit left over and it will fit in a space of a diameter of 2 feet  x 3 feet high.

Of course this food plan will keep you from starving but you do need to add more to have a healthy diet especially good fats as well as fresh veggies and fruits. But I find it remarkable just how much food you can store for relatively low cost and it does not have to take up a lot of space.  Remember these are metal drums and you could stack stuff on top of them without worry of hurting the storage containers.


5 Responses to New developments and ideas

  1. leeann says:

    I do not like to store all of any one item in bulk. I prefer to store in smaller amounts so should bugs or other disaster happen I do not lose all my rice or pasta or flour or whatever.

    • Jamie says:

      leeann: I agree that’s why I started with buckets and bins and rotate those but if you want to start storing more than a year or two of food, this seems to be the best way to store a lot of food in a small space.

      • riverrider says:

        please tell me you’re using o2 or d/e or something for bugs in the barrels?

  2. Jamie says:

    river, Yes Daddy 😉
    I’m using DE and I have yet to have a bug problem.

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