But I don’t want to clean my room! I want to go outside and play!

I have been enjoying the yard and garden a lot this year. There are many reasons but overall  the work I do outside does not seem like a chore but is a lot of fun.  One of the most enjoyable things is to just sit on the patio after doing all that work. Today I had to do some cleaning in the house and while it needed to be done all I could think about is sitting outside.

I did get to do a little bit of work on the front yard mowing and getting the lawn watered. I dug out a soaker hose from last year and tried watering from the normal irrigation water thinking the soaker hose would do a bit better under pressure compared to using the rain barrels. Even under pressure the soaker hose did not spray out water it  just did a faster soak compared to the barrels.  This is good news,  I can lay down the soaker hose on the edible front yard garden beds and then cover it with some straw mulch. That should water the front beds using the rain barrel water exclusivly! It won’t quite be a drip irrigation system but I hope to see similar results.

I moved back indoors and got a wheat beer started. I think the German style wheat beer is my favorite for summer. I’m getting better at cooling the wort. A good trick is add ice on the outside of the pot once you get below 100 degree F. using a wort chiller.  At a higher temp the ice bath is sort of wasted effort for me. My Amber lager is still bubbling away and I hope within the next few days to get it bottled.  The outdoor kitchen is now a high priority job. The new exhaust fan helped a lot to keep the kitchen temp down but brewing beer will increase the house temp. noticibly.  Electric costs doing a brew job is darn noticible if done during a week day.  I’m no fan of ” smart meters” but I have to say being able to call up my electric useage has helped me reduce my costs.

The big indoor cleanup was changing out all the curtains, blankets and linens and washing them up.  I checked the weather forecast and it was clear as a bell until Thursday and then today  the clouds started rolling in along with a forecast of rain.   I would not mind the rain but the cloud cover prevents it cooling off at night. I may have to run the A/C unit tonight and I was hoping to put it off using the A/C  a bit longer.  Of course my mindset has changed radically about what is an acceptable monthly electric bill.  I do seem to handle the summer heat much better this year.

Quite a lot got done this weekend. I’m working smarter not harder but I think the new vitamins are helping a lot with recovery.  I have a good tired, rather than being completely wiped out and down for a day or two for recovery.


7 Responses to But I don’t want to clean my room! I want to go outside and play!

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Staying busy is fun, in a way, and much healthier both physically and mentally. At the end of the day a person can sit on the patio or porch and survey and be proud of what has been accomplished!

    As long as we don’t over-do things we even sleep better. If we could only make the rest of the world go away, well…at least all the bad parts!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy, Normally I enjoy cleaning the house up and getting things done inside. Beer making is fun and walking across a clean floor or fresh smelling blankets and sheets is a simple pleasure. But I think I wanted to bask a bit in all I got done on Saturday in the yard.
      I’m sort of changing my focus from inside the house to the outside this summer. I have got all the tools for the outdoor kitchen but it is taking a bit more time than I wanted to get everything set up.
      I feel a sense of “urgency” so to speak, of not just meeting my yearly goals but the extra goals I seem to add to my list as the year goes on. I am fairly well prepared and somwhat self-reliant but the more I learn, the more I need to do to fix weak spots. There is only so much a person can do based on time, money and energy.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        Sounds like events on the home front are “humming” along for you right now! Lets hope it stays that way, after what you have been through I would say you deserve a break.

        Since Mary is back to work and I am disabled/retired our so called “roles” have changed! I now do all the domestic stuff.

  2. Jamie says:

    Dannyboy, I’m glad Mary is on the mend. I bet you are both happy about that and now that she isn’t always underfoot you can get back to being the “Domestic God” of your place

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Being at home all the time has it’s draw-backs but one of the positive things are I can get more projects done that she and I have been wanting to do. Mary likes the greater influence I have now on events here at home. Not always a good thing!!

      • Jamie says:

        Dannyboy : It can be great to set the goals, it also sucks that now you are the “responsible person” that needs to make things happen. I know that most of my extended family don’t think I work getting prepared or on my garden or researching and making some medicines until it hits them in the face. Life is not easier for me, bread still needs time to rise the same for all of us. I have no special trick but simply do the work.

        I swear sometimes I want to slap someone that says “It’s different for you, because you are disabled”. They are right it is different but it sure is hell not easier. I have had people tell me to my face they wished they ccould be disabled like me. I would not wish what I go through on my worst enemy. Shooting them would be more merciful! I think I pushed one of my buttons. Sorry you don’t need the rant.

  3. Dannyboy53 says:

    LOL! I don’t mind the rant, it’s good for the soul. So many people are not tuned in to what is really going on in the lives of others, I’m not making excuses for them of course. They don’t see all the things you do Jamie therefore they appear to assume you live a sedentary lifestyle and that is what they apparently wish for themselves.

    I don’t mind the “role change” at our house. Mary’s work with horses is her passion and I am glad that she is able to devote so much of her day to that instead of housework now. Although I was single for several years and maintained my own place I have a better appreciation for what she went through when I was working and she was at home raising kids! But I have a workshop beside the house where I spend time on projects that I enjoy.

    Recently I have been having some minor problems with several small blockages in my heart again and it has imposed restrictions on some of my activities. They are too small for surgery or another stent and this is the solitary source of my occasional frustration!

    People like you and I simply have to make adjustments to accommodate adversity and TRY to ignore the asinine comments of others. “I swear sometimes I want to slap someone that says “It’s different for you, because you are disabled”. Jamie I have given serious consideration to doing the same thing several times!!

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