Cleaning up the shop and testing a portable dishwasher

One of the biggest selling points of this house was the big shop.  Sad to say I often use it for a catch all for future projects and many non-shop like items.  I’m starting to get tools and the shop needs to be put to work as a shop rather than just a storage area.  One of the jobs I got done is putting my Bug out/camping tote by the car along with the multi-fuel stove and sleeping bags. I keep the RV well stocked but it’s possible I may have to use the mini-van or even my trike in a bugout situation depending on conditions so having everything in one spot ready to go was one of my prepping tasks.  I live about 6 blocks from a rail-yard and a major chemical spill is one of my bugout scenarios.  Bugging out is not my preferred method of survival but sometimes the best thing you can do is  get out of the impact zone of a disaster. I need to do a test of how long it would take me to GOOD with the min-van as well as the trike but at least everything is ready to go now.  I need to add  more high quality maps for the car and the trike like I have in the RV.  Overall I think I am fairly well set and can boogie in less than an hour without a test and be good for 3-7 days.

Anyway back to cleaning up the shop I got my tools sort of arranged and gave the shop floor a good sweep.  Some thing got moved to easy access from work to a SHTF scenario.  I put my wheel barrow up on a block to repair the tire via adding a bit of “Slime” and the bike is ready for the tire treatment my neighbor gave me for puncture proof tires.  You did add stuff to your tires in case of flats to your BOV whatever you choice you  make right?  I don’t know how fast or easy you can change a tire but I know I can’t bust lug nuts put on with an air wrench.  I get fix-a flat and carry a couple of cans in the mini-van  and the RV. Might not be as good as a spare but it is quick and easy and just might make the difference in survival mode.

The Dishwasher… my built in dishwasher crapped out a while back and my Mom found a portable dishwasher at a yard sale as a replacement. Well doing dishes by hand is not a big deal but I hate washing beer bottles and I had been considering getting the portable up and running  but my kitchen floor plan is sort of small and I hate having both a non-working dishwasher and portable taking up space.  Heck screw it let’s see if the portable works?  It does, with a few add on modification to the faucet and floor space is about the same, but I lost some shelves but gained counter space. That’s a doable trade off.  Testing the dishwasher, I had no leaks and it got some very dirty dishes clean.  I had to rearrange the kitchen a bit and gosh clean up behind the fridge and the floor as it was disgusting! I had no idea how the grease settled in a kitchen when you don’t use an exhaust fan!  Okay it looks a little goofy having 2 dishwasher in the kitchen but it will do until I save up funds for the new built in dishwasher.  It seems a bit silly to cut off  all the plumbing to the existing built in  dishwasher when I want to install a new one in the near future!  I also bought all the parts to make the portable dishwasher work outside and I could use it in the patio kitchen easily.  It’s a “redneck” solution but I don’t know of many “out door” kitchens that have a dishwasher!

Prepping and getting self-reliant as a disabled person presents some unique challenges. In someways you can never be fully independent but there is a lot of stuff you can do to make yourself valuable. Now I have been buying a lot battery powered tools and going as much as possible to alternative energy to power those tools.  It has been amazing to me just how much work you can get in return after someone “barrows” a tool to work on stuff.  I’d loan out a cheap tool first and see how your neighbor is about offering help as well as returning the tool, but if you are disabled you will need help for some physical jobs and it is best to find out now who you can depend on even if it costs a bit of money.

If you can think “outside of the box” it is amazing the ideas that you can come up with and use.

10 Responses to Cleaning up the shop and testing a portable dishwasher

  1. Kat says:

    I really enjoy your website and the information you have provided. You make us think!

    Just as a footnote, being a single woman that can’t break lug nuts either, I stand next to the tech when I get tire work done, and make them tighten the lugnuts by hand instead of using an impact. In a pinch, you can change a tire that way. Note that you have to stand next to them to make sure they follow your directions, don’t take their word on it.

    • Jamie says:

      Kat, It’s not just the lug nuts for me but what you said is a good idea if you can handle the tire and jack.

      • II know a woman who tried to change a tire but could not get the lug nuts loose. A guy stopped to help her and the police arrived. They called a roadside service guy, and then her husband came. Finally, they called a tow truck to take the car to a shop. None of these men could loosen the lug nuts. Her husband made sure all lug nuts were loosened on the other tires and hand tightened.

        The way I feel about tools is that if I have them in the car, someone might know how and be strong enough to use them.

      • Jamie says:

        Practical: I know there was no way I could fix the tire on the RV so I started buying up extra “fix-a-flat” While I haven’t used it, I think they might be workable for a short term fix until you get where you can fix the tire. For about $3.50 a can at Big Lots you can afford to have a few cans on hand.

        I saw one of the Doom porn shows on TV a few years back and what complicated a “Bugout” was a flat tire. That made me think how I would handle a flat if I needed a tire fix and or inflated.

  2. S,Lynn says:

    Idaho City is having their annual flea market sale this weekend.

    • Jamie says:

      S,Lynn: Well I’m broke until next week so it just figures they would do it this weekend LOL!

      • S,Lynn says:

        Have been looking for “yard art bean poles” and found an old iron bed (head and foot board with the two rails) for 15 bux. SCORE!

      • Jamie says:

        S,Lynn: I found a neat garden fence at D&B that is 3 ft. high and 10 ft. long that I think would make the big garden bed look cool and it would also work to support plastic to extend the growing season. Hopefully they will be in stock when the next check comes in.

  3. Portable dishwashers are made to be installed, too. Check out the make and model number on the internet to see how to do this.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical: I did not know that! I sort of want the small sized Dishwasher (18 inches wide) to gain floor space in the kitchen. Mom stopped by and said it did not look to bad overall in the kitchen with two dishwashers as the portable adds some work/counter space on top.

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