A day of firsts

It looks like I have my first Strawberry just beginning to form in my strawberry bucket.  I know  many people have good luck growing strawberries but I have not been one of them so seeing the berry start to form is thrilling.  One of the potato buckets plants is starting turn a bit yellow so it looks like this weekend I will have my first potato harvest since I started gardening.  The broccoli is ready for a harvest but the brussel sprouts did not do so well this year.  Found my first little tomato while I was weeding. The little tomato is only about the size of my thumb to the first joint but it is nice to see a bit of fruit on the tomato plants.  Peppers are adding a bit of fruit and I have one of the “gypsy peppers” that is almost 2 inches long. I pulled the Bok Choy and romaine that bolted in the sunny beds  and will start some of  Prize head lettuce for a second harvest I hope!  I pinched off quite a few flowers on the basil and gosh it is growing great as it is about 18 inches high this year. I wish I had selected a bit more varieties for the basil but “live and learn”.

Albertson’s is having a good sale this week on meat and dairy so I dug into my savings for some bacon under $3.00 per pound, Hamburger for $1.99 a pound and some nice pork chops for $1.99 per pound. It was all bulk packaging but I suspect we are only seeing the beginning of rising costs for meat and having the freezer stocked and canning meats as much as possible is going to save quite a bit of money for the rest of the year. There is a new product I tried out for the BOB/BOV called Cheezy Skillet dinners and while not great they are at least comparable to MRE’s in taste and quality. For.69 cents each they were worth trying out and much cheaper than an MREs and they don’t need much space to store or water to rehydrate.  These meals are set up to be heated in the microwave in a minute, but they should do okay being warmed in a pan full of water for a couple of minutes using your Bugout stove.  I would never overestimate having a warm meal is to your morale is in a disaster situation. Adding something like this along with some sort of ramen noodle and a 3 packages of of the quick cook oatmeal will give you three meals a day for three days for a low cost to add to your BOB. I don’t think I would add it to the pantry must haves just based on my impression of taste but looking at the nutritional info you could do a lot worse.  My impressions, may not be yours because some folks love MREs,  I am not one of them so do your own tests and see if these are acceptable to you.  You can always toss those failed experiments in the “Barter Box” if you don’t care for the product.  I’m guessing but I think you may find folks that like almost anything even if you don’t care for a product.

I’m becoming the go to person in the neighborhood and while it can be a bit inconvenient at times it is about building trust and networking.  Got a call from one of the good neighbors for a bit of Ibuprofen for some pain at 11:00 pm at night.  The pain salve was not working for them and they needed a little extra help and since I am sort of a night owl watching a bit a tv for a change it was no big deal to help out.   I’m willing to help out in a heartbeat and even if they had called after I went to bed I still would have helped as I know pain and getting a good night’s rest is critical to healing the body.  These neighbors are good people and sometimes help is required at odd times.


2 Responses to A day of firsts

  1. Tiffany says:

    Just paid $7.99 for a package of bacon today, it’s going up fast.

    • Jamie says:

      Tiffany: I’m sort of focusing on pork products but I did my first batch of canned chicken not long ago and it seem to work. I am looking to stock up on more wide mouth jars in August and can more meats.

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