Foxfire at Amazon, reveiws and making shopping/cooking plans

The Foxfire books cover a lot of knowledge out of Appalachia and is available at Amazon for about $3.00- $ 15.00 kindle editions depending on how many volumes are covered in the book. I have heard many prepper and homesteading types recommend this series so I’m trying out a small sample and see if I want to purchase a few of the cheaper volumes.  Have any of you read the Foxfire series and is there a volume or subject that you would recommend a prepper/wannabe small urban homesteader to have on hand?

Tried out the Sugardale bacon that was on sale at Albertson’s for $2.97 per pound. It is a more salty rather than sweet tasting bacon and the smoke flavor is minimal. The bacon is called thick cut and I guesstimate it is a 14-16 slice per pound.  Not bad for the price, though I prefer a more pronounced smokey flavor in my bacon. I did a taste test of the “Cheezy Skillet dinner Chicken Alfredo” and it was okay but not the best tasting of the ones I have tried so far which would be the “Chicken chili mac”.  These meals are  good enough to add to the BOB and the GHB in the mini-van and for .69 cents each a bargain. It looks like the “normal” price for these little dinners will be about $1.69 and I don’t think I would pay that price, or add these meals to the pantry.  But I think if you get them on sale they are worth test and a good food item for your bags.

I will hold off a bit getting the desktop PC parts till August. The laptop is running okay and with the herbs starting to come on I really want the counter top distiller for making essential oils. Plus the distiller is a multi-tasker I can use for purifying water or even making tinctures and perhaps some other uses that might be valuable in a disaster scenario 😉

Not related to shopping per se but I will be making the last payment on my Les Schwab account and retiring that debt.  Anytime I can payoff a debt is a good thing and having to run the A/C in this heat will add to the electric bill so that money will be needed to cover the extra costs.  Speaking of heat and A/C the neighbors central air or heat pump died and so Mom loaned them a small A/C unit to help cool at least one room in the house so they could sleep until they could pay for repairs or get their own A/C backup going.  I think having one or two of the small 5000 BTU A/C units as backups might be wise if you live in hot and or humid parts of the country. These smaller units will cool a good size room or two and use about 600 watts with about a 800-1000 watt surge for the compressor. A small 1500 watt generator should be able to handle the load if the power goes out due to a storm or black/brown outs.  It won’t cool the whole house but I have found having a cool room to enter on a hot day is wonderful and being able to sleep at night keeps you healthy and better able to deal with stress.  These small units are fairly simple to install and can help treat heat injuries and might be critical for young children or the elderly preventing heat injuries.

On to cooking plans in this heat that looks like it will continue for some time.  I was sort of hoping for a break in the heat to bake up some bread and boil up some wort for beer but that does not seem likely so it’s time to finish up the outdoor kitchen and do some more tests of  cooking equipment.  The beer making should be simple as I have already done one test making wort on my big propane burners all I need to do is setup the burners and propane tank.  I have not been able to build the outdoor bread oven but I do have a propane camp oven I have not had a chance to use in a real test for baking, nor have I tried cooking bread in the solar oven.  This weekend looks like a great opportunity to try some new outdoor cooking/baking options.

Last but not least testing the portable dishwasher faucet attachment. While I did use a couple of dirty words attaching the new part it works great for the portable dishwasher and not as many leaks so I am saving water and I  run the dishwasher  about 2-3 times a week after 9:00 pm at night so I save a bit of energy compared to washing dishes daily.  I really want install a hi-rise kitchen faucet with all of the stuff I do with large pots and my beer making, canning along with my cooking and baking from scratch a hi-rise faucet would make life easier in the kitchen.  While the faucets are not very expensive this will have to be a late fall or winter project as my cash is committed to a few other projects that have priority.


2 Responses to Foxfire at Amazon, reveiws and making shopping/cooking plans

  1. Tiffany says:

    I really like The Encyclopedia of Country Living,BACK TO BASICS: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO TRADITIONAL SKILLS, and Dare To Prepare by Holly Drennan Deyo books better than the Foxfire books. On , They have the first 5 vol. of Foxfire Series (in .PDF format) for free.

    • Jamie says:

      Tiffany: Thanks for the recommendations. My Mom has one of the foxfire books she got at a yard sale I will check out. Dover publishing often has some great old books. I got one that describes how to prepare and what to do when crossing the USA during the 1850’s written by an Army Officer/Scout, “The Prairie Traveler”.

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