Losing weight and a busy weekend

I am finally starting to lose some weight since becoming disabled.  I have never been very good with dieting and I used to control my weight by running and working out and that is just not compatible with my body.  I have been cooking most of what I eat from scratch for a few years and that did not seem to make much of a difference until this year or at least the last 12 months.  I think the supplements have helped, not so much for losing weight in and of themselves but they help me to work longer and recover faster so I can put in a couple of hours of physical labor several days in a row instead of 15-30 minute bursts through out the day and then being completely wiped out physically.  I know to burn fat you have convince the body it needs to tap those fat reserves for energy and now I have learned to work with/around my handicap to do more physical work over a longer period of time.  Ironically I think many of the tools I bought to  save physical energy have allowed me to work longer and burn fat.  I’m not loosing nor trying  to lose weight quickly and it seems that it is a happy side effect of what I’m doing to get self-reliant.  I don’t think it such a bad idea to have a little extra body fat but being overweight and incapable of walking 5 miles or doing some gardening or clean up jobs around the house is bad and you need to be as physically ready as your body allows.  I walk 5 times a week with my Mom at the local mall and we do at least 1.5 hours of walking and some days the laps are bit less than others but on average we get in about 4 miles even with me using my walker. Many young people can’t even walk a mile or two at any speed as they have never had to do it.

I would be more concerned about building stamina and real world working skills compared to losing weight and hitting some ideal weight or body form. Can I run? Nope, not going to happen, that does not mean I should do nothing to make myself as strong as I can walking or building strength  and stamina within what limits my body can do.  There is a joke that 2 guys come up on a bear and one starts putting on sneakers. The guy asks why he is putting on sneakers as you can’t out run a bear and the guy says he isn’t interested in outrunning the bear he simply wants to out run him.  Sometimes survival decisions are that crass, dark and hard but it is your decision to make.

Lots of plans for a weekend of hard work. It’s been in the 100’s but I do have a few jobs to get done even though we are having a heat wave with a bit of help from the neighbors on Sunday. We are going to trim up the holly shrubs and while we are not cutting them back quite as much as the first two we did early this summer.  I have to say if you want a natural barrier, holly is a great plant that is pretty, easy to grow  and stays green year round.  Going to have a movie night, drink a little home made beer and sort of kick back after all that trimming.  Monday, Mom and I are going to make goat’s milk soap building skills class and since my neighbors gave three small bottles of essential oils the get a few of bars of soap in payment for work done and a good sort of payback.

I’m not sure how others incorporate barter in what they do daily but I do it in the neighborhood helping out people and being helped out myself.  It is sort of a gift/obligation to good people to give at least as much as they get in value. While we may disagree on “value” it is a great way to evaluate the makers and the takers.


2 Responses to Losing weight and a busy weekend

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie it is a lot easier to put on weight than it is to take it off, at least that has been the case with me the last 10-15 years! You are right about staying active as much as possible however. Even though that activity may not be much for some of folks (for whatever reason) it’s still better than sitting on the porch.

    Good joke by the way!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy that’s why I’m so surprised about losing weight. I’ll be 48 this year but adding garden beds, working on fixing the soil and the wood stove seems to have pushed the body into fat burning mode. As I say it is not fast but I hoped to keep losing the weight. Glad you enjoyed the joke!

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