Got the lawn mowed, watered and setting up the drip irrigation for the edible beds

The heat is brutal but thank goodness for low humidity and A/C,  having a cool room or two has made a huge difference to me during this hot weather but I have to say my naps have gotten a bit longer since it got so warm.  The worse thing about this heat is we are not really cooling down at night like usual for high desert.  I got the both the front and backyard mowed, added a bit more compost to the water main area and fertilizer to some dry spots in the front lawn. I’m down to watering twice a week by adding the mulch even with 100 degree + heat.  So the compost and mulch are helping a lot on water retention.

The grapes are loving the heat and are putting on fruit already. I don’t remember the grapes coming on quite this early during previous years. This year I have a juicer and my “bootlegger bottle” so preserving those grapes should be very easy compared to previous years when I did nothing with the fruit.

One of the front beds rain barrel drip system is good to go and needs the straw mulch to retain the water. The other bed/rain barrel drip system is not working and I must have clog of some sort at the faucet of the barrel.  I have water cans to do the watering by hand but I would much prefer that my barrels, hoses and gravity do the work for me.  The hops in the front beds looks like a no go and the sweet peas did not do well at all, but the romaine and a few other plants like borage did very well this year.  The edible garden is a new project for me this year so there will be a bit of a learning curve with trying new things.  I know it’s tough not to get discouraged when a garden or plants do not preform to your expectations. Take it from a former black thumb that is getting a bit better at gardening each year.  I may not have a green thumb but I’m very persistent on skills I want to learn.

I think it is critical that self-reliant/preppers and survivalist embrace failure now and learn rather than avoid failure.  Trying and failing is often when I learn the most about any project. Failure is about learning and I’m not all that impressed by many people who claim the have never failed as it usually means they never try something new or think out of the box or never take a risk of any sort.  A good example is baking bread. I know many that have a less than successful first time attempt at baking bread. Goodness knows I have made a few flour/wheat bricks  that could compete with masonry bricks and stones. That does not mean you can’t bake bread, as making “flour bricks”  is part of learning process. I still have a devil of a time making biscuits or tortillas. The end product is getting better but it’s not what I expect as I have eaten good biscuits and tortillas and mine are lacking.  Practice and not giving up with any setback is what is required.  Don’t worry about failure, worry about learning from your failures to make the very best product you can. If you back slide a bit that is okay, heck even I occasionally buy bread or beer when thing don’t work out.


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