That went well.

Got all of the fans set up and with the nights getting cooler the fans are  helping to cool off the house.  I did some laundry to test the new dryer vent hose and how well the washer drains. The dryer vent worked great, made a huge difference in the heat in the house coming  from the dryer. The washing machine drain is better but it looks like it needs another treatment to clear up the pipe.    I may give the “Drain King” another try to see if the pressurized water can finish clearing the pipe. I really don’t want to fight with the drain snake if I can clear the pipe using the drain cleaner.

Did a little clean up on the front beds and got the watering done.  I need to lay out more mulch as I have been astounded  how much it helps the yard retain water. Got some good growth on the grass under the compost I laid out. Bought some new grass seed to add to the water main area and reseed the rest of the backyard this weekend. The brussel sprouts just are not doing much of anything as far as edible veggies.  While I started the front beds as a test this year I planted my cool weather crops in the full sun beds and that has not worked out well with the hot temps we got this July.  I may lose a bucket of the potatoes because the drainage got blocked and the bucket sort of flooded. I’m going to give the tater bucket a chance to see if it can recover and my other two big potato buckets are doing good and have drained all excess water.  One strawberry bucket is doing great and I should be able to harvest at least a couple of strawberries this year.  My other strawberry bucket and the raspberries look like a NOGO but I’m sure it was my soil mix and possibly a drainage/placement issue for those buckets. Those are things I should be able to fix with a some time and working the soil.

This year I have learned so much about gardening, fixing the soil and value of mulch as well as compost.  I sort of poo-pooed the idea of mulch for my beds like it was sort of a easy way to garden which was stupid because I needed all the help I could get to grow a garden. Now that I can see how mulch helps with water retention for a garden in high desert I can see it is a critical component for a gardener try to grow anything.  If you are in a drought area get some mulch on your beds ASAP even if you can’t do the whole yard.  I think you might be surprised by how much it helps keep water in the  soil. Remember your science classes about osmosis where water tries to create an equilibrium. I have seen it happen in my yard that even the areas that are not mulched absorb and retain water from the areas that are mulched.  With a bit more mulch added to my beds and to the soil I will be able to go to water once a week easily even with the heat and as I keep adding mulch and compost  I think I could get by with watering twice a month.  Most of us in the USA take safe water for granted,  and having my water main go out and simply dealing with all of the physical energy required to move water and heat it is huge compared to just turn a valve.  Water is life and if you do not have stored potable water on hand and a way to collect more you will die in a matter of days. Conserving water is just smart from a survival or money saving perspective.

Diana the peke had a blast running through the sprinkler. Speaking of dogs the pound has a couple of dogs on sale that might be a good fit for me.  I’ll stop by and give them a look this weekend and see how they might do here at Casa de Chaos. Don’t forget to prep for your animals and feed them best food that you can afford. That does not mean you buy the most expensive feed but that you do you research for the best feed.  You must prep for your critters with basic medicines, vaccines and keep them vermin free of fleas, ticks and other little nasties.  Let us say for instance you must stay indoors for 3-5 days because of a disaster. What have you done for your animals to go poo, or how will you keep them entertained or physically active in a confined space? You know your pet better than I do but I think it is something you should think about and prepare for your critters. If you have to bug out do you have a crate/kennel that the pets are safe and used to being in? You got those pets because they help you and I think it is unacceptable to simply cast them out if they become inconvenient. If you can’t/won’t take care of animals when times get tough. Don’t get animals of any sort!


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