I think I found the dog I want at the pound Updated

The Dog is a Char-Pei/Lab mix and is about 3 years old and seems very mellow and laid back. Walked him by the cat cages and all he did was give them a quick glance and walked right along and I had one of the people working there walk him through the small dog area and she said he did great around the small dogs.  One small problem is he started  dry coughing when I took him out for a little walk.  I know some dogs can cough like that when they get excited, but the pound will have him checked by the vet on Monday for Kennel Cough. This guy is a medium size dog and I didn’t have a problem controlling him though he does need a little training.  I hope that Diana the peke and his personalities will match up and I have been introducing Diana to larger dogs so she can get used to them. The pound calls him Scooter but I don’t think that name fits him very well but with a little luck maybe I can bring him home and give him a new name!

Dug up a few of the goathead/puncture vines in the alley way. I think I got these early enough that the “seed?” stayed attached and won’t spread. It does not look all that pretty but I have started making a difference on some of the worst of the weeds. I have been reading up on plants that could survive and thrive in that bad soil and I think a combo of lavender and sunchokes might be the way to go to make use of this area.  While I’m still learning about mulch I think a few bags of wood mulch could work best for this area for weed control, improving the soil as well as making the area look nice.  The water main area is looking better but I need to add a deeper layer of compost to most of it. I have one area that got a deeper layer of compost and it is very noticeable about how well it is breaking down and becoming soil. The places that I only put down a thin layer are not breaking down as well, even a thin layer helps with water retention.

Getting veggies out of this years garden seems like sort of a bonus rather than the main purpose of learning about/improving the soil and taking advantage of the natural features of the yard.  There is more to do especially taking advantage of mulch and planing out the garden so it produces and making it easier for me to work. It is going to be a very busy fall this year getting things all ready for the Spring planting season next year.  While the Water main going out threw a major monkey wrench at my goals for this year it has also offered many opportunities for learning and trying new things out here at Casa de Chaos.   I’m still making most of my goals though not exactly the way I had planned them out last year.  Because of those adjustments I will have a couple of complete misses but I will also have learned other things that will meet goals I had not even thought about doing.  Being mentally flexible and making the most out of any given situation will be a critical skill in any disaster.  In almost any situation there is something you can do to be pro-active.  Being mentally rigid in your goals can put you at risk, but if you are mentally flexible you can change focus and take advantage of changing circumstances.

For example: Everything you need to live daily is going up in price. Food, fuel even water but many hard goods have come down in price from tents to a kindle. You can still buy corn, wheat, rice, beans and meats for a good price if you shop loss leaders or in bulk.  Heck, Fred Meyers has a fairly good quality Toilet paper on sale 12 pack for under $4.00 a package with a coupon limit of 4 packages.  I’m not sure how you think about TP but this is a bargain and if you no longer shop week to week you should have a bit of cash to take advantage of that buy.  If you have enough TP already on hand think of the extra TP as a barter item.

Saving money is the fastest way you can put money in your wallet.  Now you will have to look at yourself and your family about the “whiny factor”.  I think getting rid of my dish sat. subscription and getting the Rokus was a great thing. I watch the shows I want to watch when I want to watch them. I did get Amazon Prime that will cost $120.00 a year in 2015 but I get quite few benefits besides just some movies and TV shows via Prime. I have watched a great documentary about WWI via you tube this weekend and the quality is great.  While I paid $99.99 signing up for Amazon Prime for the year I killed Dish and save over $30.00 per month on that subscription.  Overall savings is about $20.00 per month on TV and I can say that $20.00 per month can go a long ways buying bulk goods.  That is only one item that many people seem to think they must have to live. You don’t need TV to live though it is a “nice to have item”.  By the end of this year I will have saved enough money to pay back both of my Rokus and my Amazon prime.  Next year the only cost will be the Amazon Prime subscription which equals about $10.00 per month.

Some items are worth having on hand regardless of the payback. A gas generator for example will be extremely valuable in a short term grid down situation but you will spend a lot of money for gas and basic upkeep.  Now my wood stove may actually payoff in two years because I bartered for wood this year rather than paying cash for delivered wood.  My little A/C unit cost will be paid off this year simply by the savings on my electric bill compared to using the whole house A/C unit.  I use a 3-5 year payback as a general rule of thumb if something is worth buying for a long term replacement.  It is best to look/figure a total yearly cost before you decide on a replacement. A new fuel efficient car may look like a great savings until you count the extra interest on payments and the additional cost of insurance and the depreciation of a new car after you drive it off the lot. That old vehicle might be a better value compared to new car based on savings and payback.  Always crunch the numbers and don’t ever be fooled into “stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime”.  Also listen to the ads and how they play you. You might earn something but I don’t remember you deserving something just by being alive.  Do I deserve a vacation? Some people may think my life is a vacation since I’m100% disabled and don’t work for a living. I don’t see it that way but I will only go on a vacation if I can pay my way, but you can see how that term “Deserve” can play on your emotions.  Don’t let that “entitlement mentality” infect you no matter what your station in life you might be in at the present.  That is how the PTBs hook you in to their dependency slavery. You won’t dare rise up as you are afraid of what you might lose. It does not matter if it is a company, state or person. If you accept the money you are on the hook unless you get self-reliant.

Update: Nope the dog will not work so we will keep looking

4 Responses to I think I found the dog I want at the pound Updated

  1. denim3225 says:

    Jamie make sure when dog is vetted, that dog is checked for, heartworm or heart problems. I am not sure that you have heartworm issues like we have here in nebraska. But it is bad. Heartworm can be treated, but it is a major issue and expensive. A blood tests can be done to check for heartworm.

    • Jamie says:

      denim, Heartworm is not a major issue in this area, but that cough worried me which is why I’m waiting. Plus I don’t want Diana the peke to get sick.

      • Kennel cough. The vet should have medication for that.

      • Jamie says:

        Rat, The dog won’t work with Diana so we are still looking. I’m afraid “Scooter” thought Diana might be a chew toy.
        They have another Shar-pei mix that shared a kennel with a small Black and white dog that may be available later this week.

        Diana a had a blast seeing and meeting the other dogs. She wore her self out meeting dogs and bouncing around. It showed me that she misses having a doggie friend around every day.

        Might have an opportunity for a free Rottie pup. So not getting this dog may actually work out for the best!

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