Pandemic! or taking care of the sick

I don’t know about your preps but handling the flu and some sanitation type illnesses has always been a part of my preps.  While I hope not to deal with the nasty diseases that have been in the news I am preparing for them.  I have to say I never considered masking a patient to help contain a disease so I’m a bit lower on my masks than I had anticipated. I also did not consider protecting my eyes from fluids from a patient so I need to add a few more items to my basic first aid/supporting an ill person list.  I don’t want anyone to panic, many of the items you stock will become multi-taskers that work for a “Dirty Bomb” or even Bio-terrorism  just like a pandemic which tend to be a bit more common.

Worse case scenario for this new strain of Ebola. The patient and caregiver must be Isolated for about 2 months to make sure both are clean of the bug. That might be a challenge to many people as they may only have 2 weeks- 3 months of food on hand at best and if they are not prepared to deal with any illness it is worse.  I don’t have enough masks on hand to handle both a care giver and patient  for about 6-8 weeks.  I did not think I needed it until the border explosion that Obama invited. Now we can piss, bitch and moan about that or we can get pro-active about helping our families and our local neighborhoods supporting those that get sick and protecting others from a disease spreading.  That means self-quarantine and giving the local health officials a heads up and we may have to watch a love one die at the very worst in order to protect a larger population.  I hope it won’t get that bad, but “hope” is not a strategy.

Isolation: Okay this sucks and most people will only have a cold/flu. But I don’t want infectious TB or Ebola in the general population so suck it up  and do the right thing! Chicken pox is easy for a child to handle,  but has a 20% fatality rate in adults.  Don’t screw around with these illnesses start practicing 1st aid and supporting a patient now! I know most of us can’t afford to create a a bio-containment unit but we can isolate a sick  person in a bedroom and practice good hygiene and sanitary protocols. People that are sick will need food and water taken to them and you will need to remove the waste safely so take that in consideration for your isolation “ward”. You should have a bit of plastic on hand to isolate some sections of your home, a bit of bleach in spray bottles.

I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about opening the southern border nor transporting illegals across the country given a less than complete health check and many of these illegals have scabies,  lice that we can see and goodness knows what we are missing at the border for basic health checks.  About all a person can do is practice basic sanitation and then support anyone that gets sick as best you can because hospitals will become death traps of infection and disease. I don’t know if it will work but I think it is better than doing nothing or counting on the PTBs to save us.

Honestly I consider this a very worst case scenario. It also scares the crap out of me as I’m not up up to shooting germs and bugs and there is not a lot I can do to be pro-active. I’m reactive and probably the worst I will deal with is a bit of flu. If we practice good sanitation and hygiene we should be okay but needless to say I don’t trust many to do the right thing so I must prepare.


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