Cleanup of the car and garden with a little organizing

I got the car washed and gave the interior a good vacuuming to get the rest of the straw out of the cargo area. I have a large beach towel that I use for protecting the carpet but the straw always seems to spread and get in the areas along the edges of the carpets and interior body panels. I like using the vacuum at the car wash rather than drag my house vacuum out to the shop and use it. Plus I have a heck of a time reaching the top of the mini-van to wash it.  I’m switching out the beach towel and replacing it with my canvas drop cloth from my GHB.  I like the canvas drop cloths because they are great for setting up shade here in the desert and it breathes a lot better than your regular poly tarp. If you get it wet and hang it up it works as a cooler via evaporation plus if you need insulation to stay warm or cool you should think in layers and trapping air between them to act as an insulator. While I can’t fit this tarp in the GHB having it in the mini-van at least gives me the option of having it on hand. If I need to hide the off-white color is better here in the desert than a bright blue tarp.  I decided to go with a small camp axe rather than a bow saw for my wood cutting needs.  The axe is better working as a hammer though I think a small bow saw is a great wood cutter, my space and weight is limited so the axe wins as a multi-tasker.

I have nice RV and if I have to bug out I rather take it if I’m ahead of the normal traffic but the  mini-van is a lot less conspicuous in a panic situation so I have staged a few bug out boxes in the shop that I can load quickly if I have to leave via the mini-van or even using my trike depending on the situation. I hope I’m set up well enough to bug in for most disasters but you never know how things will go until the disaster hits so having 2 or 3 backup options I feel is the best way to go.

Harvested a few of the patty pan squash,  a couple of lemon cukes a few strawberries and the very first potato here at Casa de Chaos. I took over some of the squash to the neighbor S. as her garden bit the dust during the heat wave that happen while she was on vacation. She also clipped  some of my basil that is doing so well this year. Dug down a bit and got my first red  tater from one of the buckets. While getting the first potato was nice the soil in the bucket is great after breaking down this year. It seems that my best soil combo is my clay soil, some of the potting soil I got from Home Depot and a healthy mix of straw/manure or my compost. While not perfect and it still needs a few tweaks this fall and winter I believe I’m on the right track.  It’s not exactly cheap or fast to fix abused soil but it seems to be paying off in the long run. After the first bunch of work it becomes more maintenance rather than a lot of hard work that you do at the start of soil prep. At least I hope that by having good soil and using mulch and compost  will lessen my work load over time and get better harvests.


5 Responses to Cleanup of the car and garden with a little organizing

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie I know this is cheating and going to sound down right lazy but when I clean out our pickup or Envoy I first blow them out with my leaf blower! It actually does a good job and gets into places I can’t reach with a vacuum.

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: I started thinking about the leaf blower after I got home from the Carwash. LOL

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        You know what people say! “Brilliant minds think alike!”

      • Jamie says:

        I used the leaf blower on the straw that got all over my wood mulch while I was adding it to the garden beds. On the low setting the blower pushed the straw into the beds but left the wood mulch in place.

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Well that worked out good! At my age and physical condition I try everything the easy way if I can.

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