Dear Congress critters,

While appreciate your effort at playing poor and the hilarity that proves just how out of touch you are via the middle class and poor folks . I would like to take a shot and try to enlighten you about how we live.

  1. The poor and middle class are living paycheck to paycheck.  They can’t sit back and say I can’t live on …$ per hour as they have no choice about the income they bring in or living on less. You want a challenge, live on my income not for a week but for 3-6 months and I will live on your income. There is a hell of a difference between a congress critter’s paycheck of $15,000,00 a month and a person living on 15 grand a year.
  2. You might want talk to a few real poor folk before you decide what we go shopping for each week. I don’t buy canned sardines nor crackers as a cheap meal. I make my own bread and grow a garden and buy only those loss leaders and what is on sale. I buy in bulk and while I have no problem with ramen noodles they are not my first choice for shopping nor making cheap but healthy meals.
  3. You Congress critters have  worked about 100 days so far this year and you are off for3 + weeks  and your reelections campaigns and I ‘m sure you forgot all about your little stunt of living on $7.25 per hour just the same as you did for your little stunt living on EBT after you cranked in the lowest possible numbers and wanted to be something that was a victim to be pitied.  I ain’t impressed!
  4. We don’t have the option of giving up paying our bills simply because we tried really really hard and had a government job that pays over $150,000 per year and perks that we could fall back on.

You Congress critter want to impress me pick a middle class or poor person in your district and give them your paycheck for 3-6 months and you live on what they make in the same time.  You might learn something at best and you will help a poor person or family at worst.  I know you will not do it as power and money is all that gives you meaning in your sad life. I maybe poor but I’m so glad that I am not like you congress critters. I pity you!


16 Responses to Dear Congress critters,

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    WELL SAID Lady! They know they can’t do it because they would never be able to pay their utility bill on what we “peasants” make…never mind a mortgage and all the other things.

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: you are so right I get about $18 grand a year no EBT or other benefits and I think I live darn good. Yes I buy in bulk when I can and make good meals via my garden.
      These congress critter’s stunts just piss me off as they are without a clue about how people live. Sci-fi chick is living on about 8 grand a year and paid off a homestead in a few years as well as rocking a garden and living in a travel trailer.

      • Jamie says:

        I’m impressed by the sacrifices people like Sci-fi and others that go homesteading that not only talk a good game but play a good game. These congress critters are without a clue and only want to justify throwing more money at an issue rather than dig in and do the hard work of fixing the problem. The tax money isn’t coming out of their pockets so why should they care?

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        Jamie I am convinced they are not interested in fixing our problems. I sincerely believe our regime is deliberately working to destroy our way of life and rebuild it into a socialist utopia…”fundamentally change America”. Why change it, it used to work very well once upon a time!

        The Congress has had more than enough opportunity over several years to cure our ills. And if they wanted to stop what the current occupant of our White House is doing all they have to do is cut off the money, simply do not fund his actions. Their hypocrisy is what really pisses me off.

        It is impressive that people such as Sci-Fi are managing on so little! Most of the people in this country is incapable of doing what she is apparently pulling out of her hat. We as a nation have done so good for so long and as a result have become lazy and selfish. I think that is a major part of our undoing.

        The pioneers that settled our country had nothing, but they worked hard to make a better world for those following their footsteps. They had a vision and knew they would not see it come to pass. Now we enjoy the fruits of their blood and sweat and have pissed it away. Maybe we need to lose it all and simply start over.

        With a new Congress of course!

  2. Spud says:

    One thing for sure in my life is that I’m damn glad that I have my preps to fall back on now.
    Three weeks ago a lady decided to change lanes without checking right beside her in the blind spot. Unfortunately I was in that blind spot on my small enduro motorcycle…. Now I am in the hospital with an extremely messed up pelvis and many , many stitches in my left leg. Needless to say, I’m now without any paycheck ! The Doctors say that if the gods are with me I might learn to walk again in six months.
    Could a congress critter even imagine going those six months or longer without any income ? Hell no ! For one their Cadillac insurance would pay all medical bills and their paycheck would never stop…. Unfortunately I won’t have those privileges.
    At least the VA is picking up the medical tab for the most part.
    As stated earlier, I do have my preps and a little cash set back. Just proves that prepping is a very prudent thing .
    Do I have enough cash set back for that long ? Oh hell no ! Yet I do have friends and family and have been a firm believer in paying it forward. So one way or another The Dragon Lady and myself will make it through this…

    Carry on Jamie, you do us all proud !

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, I am sorry about the crash. You should start the SS disability paperwork ASAP as it takes a min. of 6 months before they pay anything. You can always pull the paperwork if you don’t need it.
      I’ll add you to my prayers and if you need any help dealing with suddenly handicapped you can call on me as it get’s darn frustrating at times. Having someone that has gone through it and understand that can be helpful!

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Spud hang in there, this is not insurmountable. My wife recently recovered from having her pelvis crushed when a horse took a fall with her. Four months (after surgery) in a wheel chair and time spent with a walker was a mental and certainly a physical challenge because she has always been very active outdoors. You have to learn to walk all over again. You face some really tough times ahead but, literally and figuratively keep putting one foot in front of the other when it comes time to walk.

  3. The sad part is as much as Congress sucks it’s a good thing they incompetent or they might pass stuff that would be worse for us.

    • Jamie says:

      pioneer: You might be correct. One thing I would do is put Congress back to working 6 months of the year and make them use the Internet technology to do the debates and voting via the Web and have them live in their Home districts.

  4. Dannyboy53 says:

    BTW, I would go further and say they would only get paid for the days they work.

  5. Jamie says:

    The house has the power of the the purse. That was set up to counter the executive branch and the State elect senator before they were voted in popular elections. The house could defund all of all and Bohener will not do it because he has his orders via the cooperate powers. There is no left of right. Simply two wings of a vulture looking to get the best tidbit for themselves.

  6. Dannyboy53 says:

    Yep, and we are the saps that are paying ALL the bills and their paychecks…go figure.

  7. The American middle class has been the target of the Central banks, the European born progressives, and the emerging market countries, (All a part of the UN) for the past twenty (some odd) years. Supported at home by our own Progressives, they are waging a very successful campaign.

    • Jamie says:

      rat: A few years ago I read a story about the attack on the “Middle Class” and I did n’t really believe it as no Bankster or Politician would kill the goose that lays the golden egg. I’m not so naive any more because the PTBs will do anything to keep themselves rolling in money and power. We serfs just are not quite real to them. We are simply constructs that they may use in their plots and plans. That’s why the PTBs get all butt hurt when we serfs refuse to play the game and show independence and self-reliance.

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