Outdoor sink installed, planting more grass seed and a new dog

The sink is not going to win any beauty contests but it is all setup for the canning season. I’m still moving around the grills and the double propane burners looking for the best work flow and make sure everything is as safe as possible from any fire hazard. The grills are not on the patio and I have set them up on concrete pavers over sand or rock so I don’t have to worry about any grass or wood siding catching fire easily, though any heat or fire source must be watched carefully.  Now I can return Dad’s jig saw plus I did much better using the battery powered circular saw though the extra weight of the 18 volt battery was a challenge. Most of the battery powered yard tools are easy to use as the battery is sort of a counter weight to the working part of the tool. The battery circular saw and drills tend to need more muscle power to work best.  If you are healthy and have average arm strength you should be fine but if you are disabled with weaker arm strength it is something you should be aware of and take steps to keep from getting fatigued.

Mowed the back yard after increasing the mower height to 3 inches. I was pleased to see my compost/mulch in the water main area is breaking down and is heavy enough that the mower doesn’t suck it up with the grass clippings. I used a garden rake to clean the existing grass area then used the de-thatching rake to get any dead grass as well as cut a bit into the soil for the new grass seed. Gave the grass seed a quick watering and used the garden fork to aerate the soil were water sort of puddled instead of draining.  I have had some folks advising me via the internet and locally on growing the lawn and fixing the soil so I have high hopes that I can get a good lawn + healthy soil by next spring.  While I’m doing a lot more gardening I really like having a green healthy lawn.  Now I’m learning about all the thing I did wrong to make a healthy soil and raised beds I’m seeing some great result though I have to say I’m not good about being patient for the grass to grow after the first burst of growth.  It took a few years of doing the wrong thing and a bit of neglect to get the soil in this condition. It will take more than just a few weeks of work to get it back to growing healthy.

The new owners of a house across the alley want to give me a small dog that is not getting the attention it needs and Diana needs a buddy so we are going to see how they get along. This is a chihuahua mix but did not seem yappy the few times I saw her and it is worth a try to see how Diana feels about a new dog at Casa de Chaos. The new neighbor seems a little overly sensitive to other neighbors that are not quite as out going as me and less able to blow off what people do on their property  and call them on the important stuff. While I don’t agree with all my neighbors do daily. I try to temper any criticism to what I think may be breaking the law and not simply a disagreement on how a person lives their life.   Like many people  she want’s others to reach out to her but she isn’t reaching out nor trying to understand about how others may feel or see things.  I’m not  picking sides but simply trying to see both sides of the issue and be a moderate voice of reason.  Heck I have lived for over 10 years and I still haven’t met all my neighbors as some folks like privacy and to be left alone. Some people are just like that and that is cool with me, but other people may feel a bit defensive if they are not welcomed with “open arms”.

It looks like I fixed the toilet in the big bathroom to flush properly. I raised the flush valve to take advantage of my older and larger toilet tank.  No water leaks I can hear or see and the new flapper seems to be working.  I need to add a bit of dye to the tank to make sure I got all leaks stopped.  With my beer making I use a lot of water compared to most single people. I don’t mind paying for water I use but I hate all leaks as they are just wasted water and money. I have a problem with water in the small bathroom as I have not fixed the leakage from the water pipe to the tank.  The tank does not leak via the toilet valve it is in the feed pipe. I think I have isolated the problem now comes the hard part of fixing it!

Heck if it was easy everyone would play!


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  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Hi Jamie, my brother-in-law (a Plumber) told me a quick, easy and dependable way of checking for leaks in a toilet. Turn off the bathroom light and shine a flashlight into the water in the toilet bowl, you can see the slightest ripple.

    Good luck with the new dog!

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