Cleaning the house, Mom home from surgery and first red? tomato

Thunderstorm moving through today but this one had some rain with it and cooled things down very nicely.  Most of the yard work was done but I saw one of the Beef steak tomatoes is a nice orange color. It should not be to much longer and I will have a many more of the tomatoes getting ripe.  The outdoor sink and propane burners are ready for the canning season, though I may move the sink around to find the right spot for it. The sink and table are light weight, if just a bit awkward to move around. I haven’t set up any buckets or drainage for the sink until I find the best spot for the sink. One thing I have found true about myself is the first spot I pick for setting things up in the yard is seldom the best spot for it. I’m getting better about leaving things so I can adjust them a bit before I lock them in.

One of the neighbors asked me to check on some water that was left running before the storm hit. I shut off the water at their place and managed to pull a couple more of the goat heads along the alley. The rain loosened up the soil to make it an easy job and I think I got most of the root this time.  I have left a few weeds growing in the alley but these weeds don’t have  stickers or puncture seeds like cheat grass or goat heads and they seem to sort of keep those weeds in check once I get the root of the nasty weeds out.  Since I’m planning to lay out a heavy layer of  mulch this fall I will try sowing the seeds for the native grasses and the sun chokes  in one area and then plant the sun loving herbs and lavender in the small area covered by cardboard and wood mulch in the spring. My aunt is giving me some of her sun chokes for my alley garden and her sun chokes did great this year.

I don’t think of myself as a gardener though I did have a great garden this year. I do get a thrill to see the first growth and the first fruits of my garden.  Perhaps that is what makes a person a gardener is that excitement of growing things and seeing that work an effort bring forth food, flowers and growth.  I’m also a very stubborn and persistent person when I set a goal.  I have to say I spent over 7 years of being a failure with mediocre gardens at best. While I’m no expert yet, I have passed to at least a journeyman gardener and not just a rank tyro without a clue of what to do.

Mom is home from her knee replacement surgery. No wonder she was hurting as she had a partially torn ligament along with the all the stuff going wrong with the hardware. Gosh she is tough, as she was walking about 5 miles a day with me and stretching and doing her exercises every night along with taking care of a small garden and her chickens and dogs!  She will start physical therapy this Friday and was sort of apologetic that she didn’t think she could start our walks again till next Wednesday!  It seems it was Kismet about Mom getting that “new”chair at the yard sale as it is a good height for her with the knee brace she has to wear.

More cleanup and organizing to get done! I have a few cool days coming up and I can get back to beer making as it won’t be long until I’ll have to get busy with canning the harvest. Overall this year has been going pretty good with just a few hiccups for me. Now the rest of the world is going all “higedly pigidly” but all anyone can do is control what they can and make a plan and execute it.


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  1. Tell your Mom to take it easy on the therapist.

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