Making some beer and new plants from my aunt

The wheat beer finally got started and is on the stove.  It has been quite awhile since I made any beer so I figure I should make a couple of batches while it stays cool. Saturday looks good for making up a dark ale.  When the temp. get a bit cooler I ‘ll make a lager but I like ales and there is a lot of ways to make different beers just using hops and roast of barley.  The spent grains will go to my aunt for her goats and chickens, sort of a payback for the plants she gave me this week.

Speaking of plants my aunt gave me three sun chokes in pots but she has some sunchokes in her garden that are about 10 feet tall so it looks like these plants can do just fine in this climate.  I took the smaller plants that she had since these are for next year’s alley garden. I’m not looking for a harvest as much as I want to start  good plants growing in the alley. My aunt gave me some onion sets and three small comfrey plants so I can make up some of Kymber’s healing salve next year.  My aunt wants some starts of holly for a fence line between her and a neighbor. Right now she has some elm trees along the fence but they are a pain and they don’t provide year round green leaves like the holly for privacy. Plus the holly won’t grow so tall as to interfere with power lines! Who knows, if they like the holly I might get some more wood for the wood stove in the future.

The Alpha lipoic acid was delivered and I’m adding a bit more vitamin C to my daily vitamins though I think it was the addition of Magnesium and Zinc minerals that help the most with my recovery time after physical work. I’m ordering from Puritans  pride and I got a 2 for 1 deal on the Alpha lipoic acid for about the same price as I could buy one bottle at the store.  With all of the new diseases coming in I figure now is a good time to kick up my vitamin intake and hopefully build up my resistance since vaccines are contra-indicated with my CIDP.  I need to start adding in a good 6 month supply of the vitamins and minerals that have helped me with my CIDP.  My herb garden has some of the vitamins but the minerals are going to be little harder to replace if the stores get empty.

Been thinking about my cooking setup in the house and ventilation. As far as a “sick room” goes I don’t think sealing the windows is a good idea as fresh air is good for a sick person. In the event of something like ash from a volcanic eruption, a bio/chemical weapon or a “dirty bomb” sealing the windows will be needed and I don’t have a way to cook without ventilation.  To fix this problem I think I will go with a butane burner. I have a small butane cooker but it’s more of a small camping set rather than something I can use with my kitchen cookware in the house.  I found a couple of these at Amazon for less than $20.00 and I already have fuel on hand so this is a cheap fix!

I know it is a bit early to start thinking about but winter is coming and while it has some downsides there are some upsides to winter as well. Most bio/chemical weapons are less effective in cold weather. Riots and looting tend to be short in duration as staying warm becomes first in most people’s minds. Your fresh food can last longer outside using an insulated box or cooler if the power goes out.  Most nasty bugs and critters go dormant. While this might seem that I’m being the optimist again there are always pluses and minuses in every season. Being prepared really helps me to keep things in perspective as well as roll with the changing of the season.


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