Mom and I walked today and I did some shopping UPDATE

Mom did her first walk in the mall since her surgery.  She did only one lap but that is about a mile, I think she did great.  The doc and other medical personnel are starting to realize she’s not a wimp and she will work hard to get the the knee back into shape.  Mom is using a walker instead of crutches, personally I prefer a walker instead of crutches for being less painful on your arms and the walker gives you a lot more stability compared to crutches. If you are stocking up on that sort of thing for your home health preps I recommend you get a used walker instead of crutches!

I love back to school sales and I got some great deals. At Office depot they have a Lexar 32 GB jump drive for $11.99 so I picked up two. One of the jump drives I will try with my Roku recording TV shows to see how it works with the new Digital converter box. The other jump drive I will use to make digital copies of important stuff like pictures, critical paperwork like insurance and Birth certificates that sort of thing. I have a smaller 16 GB drive I carry at all times in my EDC bag and I can tell you they are very handy and most likely if a disaster hits I will always have access to copies of my paperwork.

Office depot had a rolling box with extendable handle for only $15.00 and it come with a lid. I have a box that is similar though it cost $20.00 and did not come with a lid. The rolling boxes are great for moving heavy stuff from the shop to the house. I use the first box as a wood box for the stove. It makes getting wood in from the woodpile a breeze especially since I have a concrete sidewalk from the woodpile to the house.  The boxes are not all-terrain but in a town or city it makes hauling loads much easier for me.

There some more shopping I would like to do but I will have to hold back for a few days as I have to take Diana the peke to the vet Friday. She has a growth on her stomach that needs to be checked out and I’m not sure of the cost that will be involved to have it removed.  I think it probably just a mammary growth/tumor that some older female dogs can get occasionally.  The area doesn’t feel hot and Diana doesn’t seem bothered by it in the least so it’s not painful to her. I think at worse it could be a cancer, I don’t think it is that bad, but it is best to find out right away.  She might need a day surgery to remove the growth. I can swing the cost of a day surgery for a benign tumor fairly easily. If it’s cancer the cost would be prohibitive and then I would just keep her comfortable and go as long as she had a good quality of life.  I can’t see doing chemo at her age and it would be very hard on her physically.

UPDATE: Diana has a cyst and not any cancer. For now we are just keeping an eye on it and if it doesn’t bother Diana we just leave it alone!


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