More shopping with Mom, peaches and plums from a family friend. God speed Sci

Took Mom shopping for a few things today and got her list for Albertson’s.  My Dad will go shopping for her but of course he never gets it right, or at least to Mom’s satisfaction. Plus Mom has never cared for feeling helpless or dependent,  she needs to move and get out of the house so she feels better mentally if not physically.  I think she was moving fairly well considering she had all new ceramic parts installed and a partially torn ligament repaired two weeks ago.  Her knee has healed enough that she can use the pain salve on most of her knee. That seems to be helping a lot!  I sort of like driving Mom around shopping as I get to check out the prices at stores  where I don’t normally shop. We stopped by Winco and I can say that Cash & Carry stomps Winco prices for bulk goods like flour, rice and beans if you buy in 25-50 pound bags but Winco has some good prices on canned goods (not #10 cans) and a few gallon items like vinegar. Looks like coffee cans are shrinking again 27.5 oz. down from 33 oz. We stopped by Walgreen’s and the large bandages 3 in. x 9 in. is $6.99 for a 12 pack box. I have a bunch of 4 in. x4 in. bandages but I need to get some of the larger sizes and Walgreen’s has the best price I’ve seen so far.

Speaking of the pain salve I need to make more as my neighbor A. really likes it and wants a jar.  I need to figure up the costs for making a jar but since A. has given me a great chair and some lovely rocks that look like “petrified wood” along with offering me a nearly new bathroom vanity and faucets.  I figure I owe her a bit of pain salve as payment.  A. gave this stuff to me for free but I want to give her something in return that helps pay her back at least a little bit.

When I got to Mom’s house D.  was there and I got to have a cup of coffee and she offered to drop off some plums and peaches from her family gardens to my place. This gal is “wicked smart” about gardening and growing stuff in this climate, heck she grows blueberries here and that is almost impossible to do in this area.  She put me on track for the correct grass seed blend for my place and just by sitting and having a cup of coffee I have learned so much from her!

Diana the peke is doing much better with her teeth. She had an abscessed tooth and is on some antibiotics for the week. The cyst on her tummy is growing and I have added a little rice bran oil for vitamin E which is supposed to safe for Dogs and can help with fatty tumors and cysts I have not seen any improvement yet. I figure I’ll keep adding the Rice bran oil till Friday when she finishes up the antibiotics, but I think Diana will need surgery to remove the growth. It won’t be cheap but I think can schedule the teeth cleaning and surgery at one shot and that will save a vet visit and it isn’t cancer so overall I can’t complain.

Sci-fi chick of the Bacon & Eggs  passed last week and I’m bummed out. I considered a blogging buddy and she made me feel like we were friends. My outdoor kitchen for canning was inspired her and she managed to do so much not only paying off her homestead but sharing how she gardened, canned , worked so hard and accomplished so much on a shoe-string budget. I love her 30 minute Dinner roll recipe though it takes me 45 minutes to make them! LOL  She was wonderful because she wasn’t perfect. She shared both the ups and downs of homesteading. God speed my friend!


5 Responses to More shopping with Mom, peaches and plums from a family friend. God speed Sci

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Wow, Jamie I’m so sorry to hear about loosing Sci Fi Chick.

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: She was a special one in this community because she was so real. She certainly taught me a lot as well as inspired me. Gosh I don’t how many people I have turned onto making homemade “tomato powder” by dehydrating the skin of the tomatoes you blanch off prior to canning.

      I have her 30 minute dinner rolls up on my recipe page and we chatted via her blog comments on how great they were for making hamburger buns. As busy as she was she would take the time to respond like that to me, a “noobie” prepper.

  2. kymber says:

    Jamie – you are no “noobie” and Sci would agree with me. our community is reeling from the loss. she had time for everyone and yes – she was the best because she shared her mistakes so that we all could learn from them. she is going to be sorely missed. but as you said, Godspeed to her!

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber: I saw how she would try to answer and reply to nearly all of her commentors and so I worked really hard to do the same. I don’t how many times I thought to myself when thing would get tough because of money or time or learning a new skill. “If Sci can do it with all she does, So can I”

  3. kymber says:

    and that, jamie, is exactly the spirit of Sci right there. she is proud of all that you have already accomplished and she will be proud of everything that you will accomplish in the future! she would love your last sentence above! she would love it!

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