Got 2 laps done at the Mall, Mom is improving and sharing veggies and fruits

Mom did two laps at the mall today without a rest break.  I took her to her Physical Therapy (PT) appt. and she had a lot better range of motion in her knee. She has another 3 weeks in the brace because of the partially torn ligament but over all, the recovery looks good so far. I’m very proud that the homemade pain relief salve is helping with her knee pain. I need to start making more types of salves with essential oils as they really do work as home remedies.

We did a little shopping and got all of the banking done today before the Labor Day holiday. We stopped by K-mart to get some of the “Smart Sense” Sparkling water that Mom thinks helps with her Fybro and dehydration from the drugs she is on for knee pain. I got two big bottle of the Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc with a buy one get on free for $12.99. I think these minerals have helped the most with my recovery time after working hard physically. I prefer using vitamins and minerals rather than drugs if I can get away with it. K-mart had a very nice tent with a center partition wall and a 72 in. center height for $99.00 that Mom put on layaway. I’m thinking of doing the same next week as I would like a nice roomy tent instead of the small one I have that is only good for sleeping. The tent could work as an extra isolation room/area for sick people that keeps them from contaminating the house. For the 14 ft. x 14 ft. floor space the tent is is compact and not to heavy to move around for “car camping”. Though it is to heavy for backpacking,  it might be okay for bike camping if you use a trike or have one of those bike trailers to haul it around.

I have been doing some thinking about the rolling boxes I got at the Office depot last week for $15.00 and I think they have some potential for camping/Bugout.  The boxes hold up to 65 pounds, has tow handle as well as the wheels and handle for lifting or rolling it around.  The lid on top makes the box a nice little table to set next to your camp chair. You could set up each box that holds your camp kitchen, clothing and sleeping stuff and one for cleanup and sanitation supplies.  They could work well as your shooting supply box holding your gun cleaning equipment some ammo for the range. Once the boxes are empty they fold flat and take up very little space.  Being disabled I’m always looking for ways to save physical energy and a rolling box is great.  If you have those in your family that tend to overload a backpack, this little box might be an answer to limit space but also give them a box that is easy to move around in case of a bugout situation. Add a couple of bungee cords and a person could strap the BOB to the box a roll on good terrain and not carry so much weight.

My sister came over and got a few of the Patty pans, green tomatoes, a bunch of herbs  and some of the plums I got from D.  My garden has done much better this year and I’m not sure I can get everything used or preserved so I have been sharing the early harvest plants.  While I’m not up to growing all I need on my little bit of ground I think 50% of all my veggie needs could be met once I get a couple more beds and learn more about preserving my harvest.  I still need to work on the growing vertically idea and add more substantial plant supports. Using the party buckets worked great for the potatoes and strawberry plants this year and I’m very excited about how the composting pile is working though it is early days for pile to work.   It’s taken about 7 years for me to get a good garden and I made a lot of mistakes without even realizing it but as my Aunt said “What makes you a good gardener is to keep trying and never give up”.


6 Responses to Got 2 laps done at the Mall, Mom is improving and sharing veggies and fruits

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Glad to see your mom is doing as well as she is, that’s great!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: Mom sees what she is not able to do but I can see the improvement she is making. I took her to a PT session last week and the one she did this week and difference is apparent to me if not her.
      I hope she has a full recovery but if she can get a good range of motion in that knee and be out of pain that would be a huge improvement!

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        I hope it works out for her. But I am guilty sometimes of looking at what I used to be able to do instead of focusing on improving as much as possible!

        I suppose that’s human nature, we value what we have lost.

      • Jamie says:

        Dannyboy: I got a huge wake up call when i got CIDP and was so week I could not even put on a pair of socks or put on a pair of undies myself. Sometimes when I get feeling a little bummed out I will do something simple like make a pot of coffee and remember there was a time I could not do that task and it seems to perk me right up.

  2. TOR says:

    Glad to hear Ma is doing well. I bought a big tent last weekend. It is roughly 7×12 and made by Coleman. Will be good for camping with the Wife, kids and dog, extra surprise guests the house can’t hold or some sort of vehicle based bug out type scenario.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR: I figure the small tent would work great for kids camping. Just toss an inflatable mattress and a few sleeping bags in the tent and most kids will do great.
      While I have my RV. the cost of gas and it’s size makes it a pain sometimes to take camping, but this tent and the mini-van could make a few little 2-3 day camp trips cheaper and doable in some comfort.

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