I hate shopping on Payday but it wasn’t bad.

I was tempting fate by shopping the last Friday before a long weekend,  I was pleasantly surprised how well it went overall. I finally picked up Mom’s chicken from Albertson’s  using a rain check from last week’s sale, it only took three tries before the store could have whole chickens on hand as they sell out fast at $.99 a pound. Albertson’s had a coupon for Bud Light 30 pack for only $17.99 so I picked up a case for those family members that prefer store bought beer instead of my homemade beer.  Fred Meyer’s had a metal three tier shelf that holds 200 pounds per shelf for only $30.00 that I will be using in the basement for storage. I hope to add a few more of this type of shelving in the future especially the rolling five tier shelf for rotating/moving product. I got a case of the wide mouth half pint jars to hold the salves for $10.99.  Some people use a smaller 2 oz. plastic jar for this sort of thing but for only a dollar more, I prefer buying the glass jars.

Lowe’s has wood mulch and play sand on sale, four bags for $10.00 so the mini-van got to play farm truck hauling these bags home. The canvas tarp is working much better than the old beach towel in keeping the cargo area clean and neat.  Now the weekend is going to be busy rearranging some  plants and getting the outdoor kitchen set up for a better work flow. It looks like the mums sort of bit the dust but I will try moving them to a better spot with improved soil. With the petrified wood the neighbor gave me and the wood mulch I will be changing up the border around the patio giving it a nice decorative contrast of the dark mulch and the light color of the petrified wood add in some green of plants and herbs it will will look pretty and be functional.

We have a Hobby Lobby moving in to the area so I thought I would check out some of the products they offer online and I found a great item I  can make myself and use for gifts. It was a canning jar but it had what looks like blackboard paint for a label or message. I have a lot of jars and I could paint them with blackboard paint and make some of pre-mix gifts in a jar and then add a recipe or message in chalk. The person getting the gift could then reuse the jar for storage and add their own label or message. I don’t think I would trust the blackboard paint in a pressure or hot bath canner but if you are using a vacuum sealer it would not affect the paint.  I want to try using the paint on my beer bottles as a reusable label for my beers that I think would look very cool for my home brews.  The blackboard paint might work on my plastic storage buckets/bins  as a label and date that I can change easily as I rotate them.

One of the biggest tasks I want to accomplish this fall is getting my preps better organized and easier to rotate. Getting the industrial strength shelving and adding easy to change/update labels will be a huge step in the right direction.

3 Responses to I hate shopping on Payday but it wasn’t bad.

  1. Ya if the black board paint stays on and can be reused that would be something really useful.

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: I’ll give the blackboard paint a test in several environments and see how it holds up. I don’t expect the paint to be perfect but it might be okay for some prepping applications.

  2. Harv says:

    re; Hobby Lobby
    Sign up for their weekly email(or more often) alerts,specials, etc.
    It almost always has a 40% off coupon for one item that week which you can print out – plus the local paper usually runs the same ad/coupon.
    Even if you choose to follow a strict moral policy of 1 coupon per person, per ….
    planning ahead, you can accumulate needed/wanted items at considerable savings


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