Moving rocks and sand for the Outdoor kitchen setup

The mums bit the dust but that actually worked out as I could move my sink a lot closer to my main kitchen work area.  I laid a bit of river rock under the sink for drainage though I have a couple of buckets I will add for catching any water from cleaning veggies and fruits.  I might move the sink and the burners around a bit more once I get some more sand to build the foundation for the outdoor kitchen/canning area.  The overall concept looks good for a good work flow but there are still a few adjustments to be made.  My original setup was basically some river rock as a foundation and I did not anticipate the sand filtering through the rock as much so I will need more sand to finish up the foundation for all the cooking equipment.  I want to have a safe and level surface for all that stuff that has fire and high heat, as burning down the house seems contra-indicated for survival.  Putting down sand and rock should contain any sparks or grease from my cooking that could catch on fire and I am removing any fuel source like grass and plants from the immediate area.  The rocks I got from neighbor A. look good and add another fire barrier against any sparks. I grew up in an area that had forest fires and we had a chimney fire when I was a kid, so I get a little anal-retentive about fire protection.

Took the big round patio table over to the N. and L “the neighbor kids”. I got the table for free so I told them they could pay it forward and help the next person out. My house has a covered patio and great shade trees and their patio has just a small pergola and very little shade. A patio table with an umbrella holder would help them a lot for shade and getting rid of that table opens up a lot of space on my patio for the outdoor kitchen.  A win/win situation for both of us! Now I have the space for that rolling beverage  cooler I saw on sale and can’t afford to buy right now!  I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around so I might be able to get that cooler in a couple of weeks on sale. If not I have a cooler I can use if I need it.

N. took a look at my wheel barrow tire and it looks like he fixed it with some of the tire sealant from his bike tool kit stuff. While I love my little garden cart sometimes the wheelbarrow is needed for jobs and if this repair holds I figure it worth that patio table.  My sister has some sand I can haul away and I think I have a plan for the busted bags that will be somewhat simple and I can handle moving the weight. The rolling box did a good job moving the 50 pound bags of sand around so if I use a bucket to hold the sand the little rolling box can move it fairly easily.

I should not be so hard on my sister as she is sort of new to gardening while disabled and she does not use the internet to get all the great ideas I get from you guys in cyberspace. It can be easy to forget what I was like starting out on my prepping projects and sometimes the hardest thing to do is step back and wait to be asked for advice rather than dictating a person should do ……  I believe you should try and help others and put a “bug” in their ear to prep but then stand back and waiting for that follow through on their part can be tough.

Like most of you I have tried to convince people to prepare and most just don’t get it.  So what I do now is show what can be done and how much better your life can be if you prepare.  I know I stunned my Dad when I got the wood stove installed without his help. In a weird way I think Dad got a little crazy over my water main issue more than I did because he was looking for a way to help me and would not wait for me to find a solution to that little problem, but had to go ahead and fix it.  Heck I’m an adult and dealing with these problems are normal if inconvenient.  All of us have a “brain fart” once and awhile so you just learn from it and move on.


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