Drying hops, concealed carry, PT with Mom and a beer with Dad

I have not been able to grow hops yet, but my neighbor S. has  wonderful hops plant and gave me about half full paper grocery bag to dry.  I set up the dehydrators and hops dried in 6-12 hours and I think I will get about 6 oz. total of dried hops,  a one quart bag holds about 1 oz. of dried hops. . Hops are great for more than making beer as they tend to be a calming agent that can be use in sachets or teas when dried. Hops is also rich in many vitamins and seem to grow well in marginal soils with lots of sunlight. Hops grows from a rhizome so cutting back the plant during harvest is a good thing for healthy growth.  Drying the Comfrey leaves for a healing salve. If things work out I will have pain relief and a bone/skin healing salve some time this month done.

I’ve been working on my concealed carry since I got the lic. as I have been slacking off because of the weight and I don’t feel threatened where I live. That’s a very bad attitude for a prepper/survivalist to have because it is better to have an tool and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  I don’t think I’m unique in having a “routine” and I don’t think about how things could go all sideways very quickly because my life is very routine.  I suppose it is a bit of “normalcy bias” on a small scale. One thing I learned the Army is you must properly train how you will fight, because how you train is how you will fight. If you slack off in your training it will eventually bite you in the butt. I need to get used to carrying a couple of extra pounds of metal instead depending on others if stuff gets bad!

I took Mom to PT (physical therapy) and this gal was tough on her in a good way!  I had no idea that Mom’s muscles were hurting her and so sensitive to pressure and while I have blown both knees I did not want to interfere with her recovery of a knee replacement.  Mom did 3 laps at the mall using a cane before she did PT so she had a good workout before physical therapy and a Fybro flare over the weekend so she was hurting.  What I liked about this new therapist is she explained why she was doing stuff and how Mom could help aid in her recovery.  The other therapist was a bit of a “scold” and did not explain why Mom needs to do certain stretches and exercises to help the knee to recover.   My Mom is not a wimp as far as pain is concerned and she will fight through the pain if she knows it is necessary for healing.  Any how I got her back home and gave her a rub down with my pain salve and she got a some rest.  I’m no doctor but I have a lot of practical knowledge about tearing up and breaking stuff in my own body and now that I know what needs to happen with her knee, I think I can help without damaging her recovery.

I have less than a lively respect for modern medicine and while I understand it is generally a good thing, my pain salve made with essential oils does as good of job as prescription strength Ibuprofen and some narcotics I was given for my CIDP.  I don’t believe that herbal medicine can take the place of a skilled surgeon but I do think it offers a lot more than most “medically trained” persons will admit.

Sat on the patio with Dad and while he is not on board with the prepping thing he is a smart guy.  He says the chemical cold packs I gave him are a bust for cooling though it might be the age of the packs. It was a a some what safe test so if those dollar chemical ice packs are a bust so I won’t waste money on them for storage.  I have prepped for awhile and though most of my friends and family are not on board with the prepping thing there is still a lot a person can learn from people and I think if you give them listen you can learn something.  It may not make them willing to listen to you but I know if I just “blow them off” as having nothing of value to offer I will piss them off.  At best I hope they may give me a listen and perhaps follow through in time.


9 Responses to Drying hops, concealed carry, PT with Mom and a beer with Dad

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Hey Jamie! My Mary has problems since her hips were crushed in the horse fall with carrying a pistol on her waist. She has tried a leg holster with a higher degree of comfort as it takes most of the weight of her waist. Problem with that is it is impossible to conceal! She has tried a shoulder holster also but having had the vertebrate in her neck broken and subsequently fused together that was not an option, at least after an hour or so. There is also the option of an ankle holster if one is wearing pants or a long dress but these are for small light pistols/revolvers of course.

    But anyway, I thought I would toss those options out there for those that may be looking for a comfortable way to carry.

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy, I use a fanny pack holster. It is not fast to draw but the weight is well distributed. I think it is more a case of laziness rather than it being painful to carry.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        Hey…whatever works for ya, that’s what counts! That’s another good option I had not considered.

  2. So you dried the hops in a dehydrator? One of those round ones with the trays that you can stack?

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: Yep I use one that has the a fan and one without and get about the same result though the one with a fan drys things a little faster it’s not all that noticeable difference.

  3. Spud says:

    Ha ! As we both know, all will eventually wish they had been preppers !
    Yes I have had both good and bad therapists. Fer sure….

    • Jamie says:

      Spud : I expect some folks will think we cheated somehow because we are ahead of the game in a disaster.

      How are you doing since the crash?

  4. TOR says:

    As to concealed carry. It is hard to dig into the issue without knowing what you are packing. Lighter guns carry better but are hard for smaller/ weaker folks to shoot well. Think of it like engines and vehicles a 454 in a little Corvette is smoking fast but a 454 in a dump truck is just a dump truck.

    Personally I carry a handgun outside of my home unless A) carrying there is a felony, not ‘asked to leave’ but legit jail time, B) My wardrobe simply cannot support it IE I am swimming, etc or C) I am going to be intoxicated. I rarely drink to excess outside my home but when I do I leave the pistola at home. Aside from those I carry a gun everywhere all the time.

    That being said I do not carry a huge gun. I lean towards compact/ subcompact options. As always YMMV.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR: I think my problem is more that I haven’t carried in awhile and I’m just not used to the additional weight. The Hi-point C9 only weighs 2 pounds loaded and in the fanny pack holster the weight is spread across my waist.

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