Infusing coconut oil with comfrey leaves, making more pain salve

The comfrey leaves dried last night so I’m infusing the the oil tonight and will see what I get in the morning. Some of the recipes I have found are a little bit vague on the amount of dried comfrey to infuse the oil. Also there is a big difference between 2 cups by weight or by volume so I’m guesstimating on the dried comfrey.  I’m using two 14 oz. jars with 8 oz. of coconut oil in each jar. I added enough dried comfrey leaves to each jar to be completely covered by the oil. The jars are sitting in a water filled pan on a a warming plate to keep the oil in liquid form. From what I have seen of the finished salve the oil should be very dark green almost black in color, so I have a general idea how long to infuse the oil.

Mom is using the pain salve on some of area away from her incision and she had  blisters from a reaction to the tape used at the hospital. The open wound areas are almost healed  so it should be safe to use the salves carefully. One reason I want to get the comfrey salve done is so Mom can try it out on the areas where the prosthesis connects to the bone and that are so painful.  Mom will be my lab rat for the comfrey and this  a great test for it’s bone healing properties.  Mom tried the pain salve  on her Fybro pressure points and it seem to help her a lot.  Neighbor S. tried some of the pain salve on a sore knee and she was blown away by how fast it worked and wants to have some on hand.

I got some of the blackboard paint at Joann’s.  I got the spray on blackboard paint and it is supposed to work on glass so this weekend I will do some tests on how well the paint adheres to glass bottles and jars and how well it stands up to being washed. While looking around Joann’s  I found some great decorative bottles and small jars that will be perfect for the oils and salves that I’m making with herbs and essential oils.  The jars and bottles could be used as gifts, barter or even sold at the local farmer’s market. I like the wide mouth half-pint jars when I make up the salve for my own use.

Made up a batch of the hard lemonade in the Bootlegger bottle that is  ready to bottle. Next I will try juicing the plums and peaches to see how they work out making alcohol in the bottle.


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  1. kymber says:

    jamie – just to share with you – this is the way i make comfrey salve. i use fresh comfrey leaves, rinsed and then chopped up. i use about 2 cups of chopped comfrey and one cup of coconut oil. on low heat, i heat the coconut oil until it is just melted. then i add the chopped comfrey leaves. i let the oil come up to almost a simmer then take it off the heat and put a lid on it. i let it sit for a few hours and then take the lid off, put it back on low heat, bring back to just a simmer, remove from heat and put the lid back on. from various recipes that i have read – you repeat this every few hours for 2 to 3 days – i always do mine for 3 days. you will know when the comfrey is done as it will be crispy and crumbly and your oil will be a beautiful dark green. strain the comfrey leaves out of the oil and then put the oil back in the pot and add about 1/3 a cup of so of chopped/shaved beeswax. stir constantly on low heat until the beeswax melts and combines with the oil. as soon as it has combined, take it off the heat. then take a small spoon of it and put the spoon on a plate. check the consistency of what;s on the spoon in about 15 mins. if you like the consistency, jar your oil, leave the lids off, until it congeals properly. then put the lids on the jars.

    my jamie just recently accidentally stepped on a ground wasps net and got about 25 bites. he had huge welts from the bites. i put the comfrey salve on all of the bites and he said that he felt immediate relief. the welts went down in minutes and he wasn’t itchy or scratchy at all. i used it on my spider bite that i had on my foot and it really helped take down the swelling and made the bruise disappear faster than normal.

    i gave comfrey salve to my friend and she puts in on her hands at night and sleeps with it on. she is in the home-care business and is constantly washing her hands and then her hands feel dry so she is constantly using hand lotion. she says that smearing her hands in comfrey at night and going to bed with it is helping her not have to use so much lotion during the day.

    i use it on my hands and wrists as i have repetitive stress injury in my hand and possible arthritis in both wrists. and it truly helps!

    sorry for such a long post but i wanted to let you know that you can use the comfrey salve for just about anything – even open wounds. so use your mother as your guinea pig and she will be very thankful. any questions – you know where i am – just yell!

    much love to you and yours, jamie! your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber: Thanks that helps a lot even though I’m doing things differently I think my amount of dried comfrey is about equal to your fresh.
      The first 18 hours with the jars I have a nice “grass” green color I up the temp to low heat from warm(jars in a water bath on the hot plate) to draw out more of the comfrey. One advantage I see using this method is I don’t have to keep working the “pot” like you do for your method. Of course I add a day drying the comfrey so I’m not saving time overall!
      I have not noticed much of an odor while infusing the oil.

      kymber have you tried my essential oil pain salve? I don’t think it has the healing properties of the comfrey salve but I have had 10 people of different ages and aches and it really works fast (5-10 minutes) especially on muscle cramps as well as arthritis,Fybro pain and of course my neuralgia from CIDP.

      All amounts are by weight
      8 oz. coconut oil
      1 oz. beeswax
      12-13 drops each of
      I use a small crockpot on low to melt the coconut oil and beeswax and then add the Essential oils and I end up three wide mouth half pint jars about 3/4 full. A jar will last a couple of months with heavy daily use!

      • kymber says:

        thanks so much jamie – but i think i will tweak it a bit and add heal-all (self-heal for you in the south) and skip the essential oils only because they are expensive. but i will give this a try for sure using what i have on hand!

        much love to you and yours jamie! your friend,

      • Jamie says:

        kymber : the essential oils can get expensive fast. I hope to buy a distiller and then I can make some of my own essential oils from the herb garden.

      • Jamie says:

        kymber: Mom is using the comfrey salve and noticed the pain level went down a lot where the Doc attached the new ceramic replacements in her shin bones. I’m using some of the comfrey infused oil on Diana the peke’s cyst and while I have not seen the cyst shrink she seems to feel better and has regained much of her “bounce” as well as moving better.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    Just learned that in Homedale behind Pruitt’s tire take that street behind rodeo/moxie Java and Boise Cascade has a place where they drop off their end cuttings they can’t use and it’s free for the taking. If you wanted some wood (pine). I’m in Wilder this week and found this out from a friend who loads his daughter up every winter with free wood.

    • Jamie says:

      S. Lynn You rock!
      I’m in really great shape for wood this year as I still have at least a cord of the mill ends and about 5 cords of elm I got from my aunt. I’ll start asking around if anyone needs some wood for the winter.

      We need to meet in person one of these days and have a cup of coffee and chat face to face.

      • S.Lynn says:

        That would be fun. I could learn a lot from you. I get to look at an old 1950’s tractor today and see if it’s worth the purchase. So tired of using a wheelbarrow to truck dirt and rocks around the yard. Hubby has OK’d it (he’s not here this week).

  3. Sandy L says:

    In the past I’ve made an arthritis oil from and herb mixture I purchased from an herb shop. This recipe sounds interesting with using comfrey, I may have to try it.

    • Jamie says:

      Sandy L: I have not used the comfrey salve much as I have only had it a few days. So far it seems that my pain salve works better for my pain but Comfrey is a healing agent rather than pain relief agent so it may take longer to work.

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