September is national preparedness month so make your wish list for prepping

While you may not have a lot of money to put towards preparing I think writing out a wish list is a very good exercise for a couple of reasons.

  1. Writing something down makes it a real goal and not just something you are thinking about doing.
  2. You may find a substitution or a different way to meet that goal instead of just buying something on the “wish list”.
  3. Make a budget and stick to it.

After you have written out your wish list, break it down from stuff you want to buy to a goal you want to accomplish. I would love to have a solar  or use my wood stove to heat my water rather than use electricity. I can’t afford that right now, but I can buy five gallon insulated jugs for about $20.00 each and those can store “hot” water for about 18  hours that I heat on a stove . Trust me after my 5 days with no tap water having 5-10 gallons hot water ready to go in the AM for cleaning up is a big deal! Heck you will probably have to boil water to make it safe anyway so you might as well store that heat energy so it does not got to waste.

After you get all of your wish list done start prioritizing your most critical needs of the basics. Then the start thinking about backups or your plan B type items. I hope to bug in because with my handicap I will look like an easy target if I have to bugout, but if there is a train derailment of a chemical car, I will probably need to leave quickly so I have setup a couple of options for a 30 minute or less bug out. The big Rubbermaid roughneck totes work great for camping gear and I have my gear on a shelf in my shop next to the mini-van. It is not “perfect” but it does stack the odds a little more in my favor.

The last section for the wish list is long term survival. Personally I think the most critical time after a disaster will be 3 days to three months and that is the period we will see the most deaths of the unprepared. I anticipate we will see people working very hard to get along though under a lot of stress and around the third week people that have not dealt with stress long term are going to get very cranky!  This is a part of your mental and spiritual preps of having things for recreation, jobs for people that are within the limits of what they can do physically so the feel valued!

You are going to see that some people are just lazy, create drama or start clicks within your group. You can’t stop it! So you must have a plan to deal with it. So make a plan now for when it happens. This the time to add those long-term items to your wish list like a green house or heat source not dependent on the PTBs.  Trades, skills and hobbies along with the tools needed. It can be a greenhouse or a harmonica, glass blowing or welding. While things that translate into being useful for survival are great, don’t discount things like drawing or painting for a hobby. This can be very cheap or very expensive depending on your wish list! But don’t think you can’t add it to the wish list just because it seems too expensive or you don’t see an immediate value as a survival good. Remember it’s a “wish list” nothing is set in stone and you can adjust, erase and tear up the paper and start all over if you want!

I have a access to eggs and goat’s milk via neighbors and family that raise those animals and I want to add to my place something different and I’m thinking aquaponics, raising ducks or small potbelly pigs might be doable here at Casa de Chaos as an alternate protein source.  These ideas are theoretically doable as long as I don’t run afoul of the PTBs and the city codes.


7 Responses to September is national preparedness month so make your wish list for prepping

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Yes, lists are a great idea Jamie. We each add to our list day to day and often, after a few days, discuss the contents then adjust it as we separate our “wants” from our “needs”. It helps us in prioritizing and keeps us on track.

  2. Jamie says:

    Dannyboy: I’m still amazed about how much I have accomplished. I don’t think I’m a special little “snowflake”. I just took advantage of sales and sometime I just made things work because I got committed to an Idea I wanted to happen. I’m often quite surprised by what all I manage to accomplish.

    I have found that putting ideas to paper really helps me to make goals real and if you have a budget and stick to it. A person can get equipment fairly cheap.

    I get a bit peeved by those “people” that want all the stars to align and they sill find a wad of bills before they will ever prep as they think stuff will work out.

    Perfection will not happen! you can start preparing your family at any time! You can cut up your credit cards and go cash only and payoff your debt at any time you choose.

    It will cost you less than $1000.00 to prepare a family of 4 over a half a year for most disasters. That’s an Iphone and data plan, that’s satellite/cable TV. I’m sure you that don’t prepare can think of many excuses and you will be mildly inconvenienced or might have to recognize that you have debt problem.

    I really don’t care what you do to save your family. It is your choice but I don’t have to support your poor choices.

  3. To be totally off-grid capable by the end of the month. Solar, generation, faraday, food, water, weapons, medical. People. Lofty, but approachable.

  4. Dannyboy53 says:

    Soffitrat that is EXACTLY the key to all our efforts. The forces that are trying to destroy us are relentless, we must be also if our preparations are to be successful and we intend to survive.

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