Shopping adjustments

The bacon did not work out as it was only small ends and pieces and I don’t need 15 pounds of that on hand! Cash & Carry does have pork bellies for $2.26 per pound so it is time to start making my own bacon and cured hams this year. I have not done much smoking or dry curing meat but at today’s prices it worth trying out. I am pretty good using a BBQ for cooking so it should be simple (if not easy) to extend the process.  The $30.00 NB sneakers did not work out as Big 5 did not have my size on hand.  I wear a size 10 in women’s shoes or a size 7 1/2 in men’s sneakers, so I often get good buys because I  have an odd size foot.  Big 5 did have another NB sneaker for $37.00 so I got a pair of them instead.  I have always liked the NB shoes as they hold up very well and give good value for the money. I hope this sale will last into October and I can get another pair or two of these shoes.

I put in the order to Amazon to get the Haz-mat suits and respirators for our sickroom supplies. The respirator cost $9.90 but it has a mask for both children and adults so we are covered in the breathing support category short term.  The Tyrex suits are disposable but it looks like they could be reused after cleaning and sanitizing. I will have a better idea about how well the suits will work after they arrive and get a look at them. I ordered a 6 pack of the XL suits for just under $32.00 and Mom and I will split them as 3 suits are the bare min. to have on hand if we can rotate them if they can be cleaned/sanitized. I see us buying more in the future when we can afford it but at least we have something on hand for any nasty infections. Most of what I am buying is on the cheap side to have at least some personal protective equipment on hand and sort of a layered defense against any nasty viruses. With  a lot of prepping I have gone a little cheap to start my protection level so I have at least something on hand and as I get more info and cash to buy stuff I add another layer to my basic preps.  I think a few people never start prepping for stuff because they are waiting for a perfect solution for any disaster. Personally I think you should do what you can to get started and then improve on it as you learn and free up a little cash for equipment.  Some of the best things are preventative measure and are very cheap like stocking up masks, gloves, wet wipes and soap at your local dollar store or mega-mart.  I have added a big pack of wet wipes to my car and small pack of facial tissues for a quick and easy cleanup along with some masks and gloves. I don’t mind looking a bit silly if it can save my life.

Diana the peke seems to be doing okay and I holding off on surgery on the cyst for now but I’m saving the money for what I think the surgery will cost so I can react quickly if she needs that cyst gone.  Sad news for my Mom’s dog Samson is it looks like a fast moving cancer around the anus. The vet recommended adding some real pumpkin to Samson’s diet for fiber and keep him comfortable. Mom will keep him going as long as he has a good quality of life and make sure Samson stays out of pain as much as possible for whatever time he has left.  Cancer in dogs is tough because it tends to spread so quickly. Mom really likes the gel version of  Preparation H  for her dogs but I have never tried it on mine. It might be something to check out and/or stock up on or your pet first aid kit. Sorry to finish the post on a downer but we all need to be as proactive as well as realistic in our preps. Just because we stock up does not mean things will be easy or even that we will survive what happens in a disaster! All a person can do is keep trying to improve the odds for themselves, family and neighbors.

3 Responses to Shopping adjustments

  1. Patti says:

    So sorry to hear about Samson. Take care.

    • Jamie says:

      Patti: thanks! Samson had a few issues with his spine and we thought he might become paralysed but he recovered and has had a darn good run. The dogs and pups are at 10 years + and they all have had happy lives and gave love and been loved. Not a bad a statement about life and love.

  2. Idaho Mom says:

    Patti: Thanks for your sweet thoughts for me and Samson. Animal people know their animals are part of the family. I use to raise pure bred Pekes I love those little smushed faced critters. I didn’t sell or breed Samson because had some medical problems. He is a BIG Peke (about 25lbs.) He choose me for his person, so there is a little more of an attachment there. The Vet says this is a very fast growing cancer. At this point in time Samson doesn’t seem to be in any pain and all body functions are normal. He is still his “big lummox’ self. Thanks again for your thoughts. Idaho Mom

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