1st aid supplies, sickroom setup and Mom is driving again!

The Tyrex suits and respirator masks arrived today. The suits look and feel like they could stand up to a hand washing and/or being sprayed with a sanitizing agent at least a few times. I want to get a few more on hand before I sacrifice a suit for testing but overall I’m well pleased with the purchase. The CPR/air respirator masks look good for both infants and adults for rescue breathing and the mask can be hooked up to an Oxygen supply. The package the mask comes in has a pair of  gloves and an alcohol pad for sanitizing as well as basic instructions for use. The mask has a one way valve that should offer some protection to the care giver but, if I had to deal with an infectious disease like TB, pneumonia or ebola I would not feel very comfortable depending on that little valve.  I’m looking to add one the respirators that have a squeeze bag for giving oxygen and they are only about $15.00 at Amazon. For that price I can see getting it, as it is safer and you avoid the hyperventilating problem of rescue  breathing.

Some times I think this house was built with the idea of a sickroom in mind. I have been in many of the neighbor’s homes most were built in 1910-1940s and all seem to have at least one or two bedrooms that can be easily blocked off from the main living quarters. Many of the homes have been updated or renovated but the basic bones of the house are easy to see and I think the folks of that time did think of a sickroom and planned for it.  I maybe wrong but the area for my sickroom is very to set up and block using a little bit of plastic around doorways and I can create a double barrier between the sickroom and main living quarters.  I have nice set of shelves that I used as a linen closet that also work great for sickroom supplies and the big bathroom can handle most of the basic sanitation needs for a sickroom. I can close off the sickroom form the supplies and bathroom. Add another bit of plastic barrier between the sickroom and main living quarters but I can use the bathroom for basic cleanup and have a good place for storing sickroom supplies without walking through the main living quarters. I suppose a few folks may think I’m over reacting or that my OCD is kicking into high gear but I like to think that I’m being prudent in anticipating and preparing for the worst that can happen.  At the end of July the CDC said there was nothing to worry about Ebola and now they are expecting over half a million cases as of this week.  The Entrovirus D68 has been confirmed in over 16 states and is suspected in many more. Over 700 children and newborns  were exposed to TB by a health care worker in El Paso Texas and the list goes on and on!  I don’t think I’m over reacting by getting things on hand that can help with any illness that I might have to deal with and I find being proactive is a better plan than hope no one gets sick!

Mom drove today to our walk at the Mall. She has moved to using her pain meds just to sleep so she feels competent to drive as she is not under the influence of drugs. We hit a couple of yard sales and I got a nice carpentry saw for $3.00 and a battery powered pepper grinder that will work great for making my spice blends. This pepper grinder has a large area for holding spices and while I can use my manual pepper grinder and have coffee grinder I use for big batches of spices. This battery power grinder gives me the the option of using power without using electricity or muscle power.  The carpentry saw gives me something for a finer cut compared to my bow saws and a a good saw costs quite a bit so finding one at a yard sale cheap is a real score. I’m still hoping to score a good vice and table grinder for my basic shop tool setup but overall I’m in good shape for muscle, battery and electrically powered tools.  There is nothing wrong with gas power tools as gasoline is a great energy dense fuel. It is also one that is dependent on a working infrastructure and one of the first items that runs out in a disaster. Having alternate energy backups is critical for any prepper!



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