Experimenting with food for the GHB/BOV, 1st aid and a helping hand for Phelan

One thing about getting most of prepared meals is they lean heavily towards pasta. If you have someone that is not so keen on processed flour and pastas it makes it tougher getting your little BOV food box filled up.  I tested out a couple of the single serving mashed potato cups to add  a little variety and overall they were okay. The potato cups are made to be microwaved but you can make do by adding some boiling water and letting them sit for a minute or two. These cups are also a little expensive for a side dish item rather than a meal but you don’t have to clean anything but your spoon after you finish with it.  I decided to go with a larger four serving pouch of potatoes because of the lower cost and the package takes up less space. It is easy to guesstimate the amount of potato needed for a single serving or two, so nothing goes to waste.  I found a store brand (Everyday Essentials) of soup that comes in a box like stocks for soups and the ingredient list is actually surprising good for processed soup. These soups have a best use by date a year out and a square box stores in less space than a round soup can so they will work for packing in the mini-fridge.  Ritz crackers in snack pack size were on sale and make a nice addition for the soups so the only thing left is some salted peanuts vacuum sealed in jars and my little picnic/BOV food box is complete.  I tried to keep the size of the food box small so I can slide it away under a seat.

I found some very colorful plastic table cloths for the sickroom and one clear tablecloth protector at the dollar store. These will be easier to sanitize than regular fabric table cloths, cut down on laundry and can be thrown away as  needed.  I got a big bag of Styrofoam cups  for soups/stock and teas for disposable dishware to cut down on water use and or extra work sanitizing dishware.  I need to add more of the clean suits,  N95 masks and gloves but it will take some time and money to build up those stockpiles as I did not anticipate the open border or the virulence of the diseases a person might have to deal with this year.  One thing I’m not seeing in most of the pictures of these out breaks is the patients are not masked at all. So I stocked up on a lot of the simple face/surgical masks that will be used on the patient and save the more expensive N95 masks for the care giver.  I can’t build a fully isolated bio-containment room, but I can afford to keep adding extra layers of protection. It looks like burning any contaminated waste is the best option for destroying any viruses on sickroom items. So I’m working on a “burn barrel” as a possible project next month.  Trying to build all of these items up is not cheap or fast but once you have these items on hand you can use them for multiple disasters that might be rare (biological attack) or even some DIY jobs like adding insulation or a great Halloween costume 🙂

I have been reading Phelan at http://a-homesteading-neophyte.blogspot.ca/ for a few years. What got me was her description as  “I am a death metal homesteader” You got love that for originality!  She in her family have had a run of bad luck and she has been a successful homesteader in Kansas, the ‘holler” has been very challenging for her this year. As in “But other than that Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play?” sort of challenging!

http://www.gofundme.com/e8g26c has met the goal of $1000.00 to run a power line to her place but a little extra would really help replace the stove pipe that exploded.  Yes, you read that correctly the stove pipe exploded but at least that was outside the house and there wasn’t any fire! Send your prayers and send what money you can afford to get the stove pipe fixed.  I know how hard it was going 5 days without tap water and she has been cooking, canning and doing laundry over an open fire for many months for her Hubby and 3 growing boys!  She has enough experience being grid down she needs a little break and learn about how wonderful electric power is again! I will be adding her to the blog roll as I sort of missed her site when I changed over to wordpress. Go read her blog and I bet she can teach you something. I know she has taught me a thing or two.

6 Responses to Experimenting with food for the GHB/BOV, 1st aid and a helping hand for Phelan

  1. kymber says:

    thanks for mentioning Phelan in your post jamie – if any of your readers could add a few dollars to the go-fund-me project – that would be great. and no amount is too small.

    it sounds like you are doing well with your preps and with your bio-room. we have a small room at the back of the house that we can quickly convert into a bio-room if need be. always good to be prepared, eh?

    much love jamie! your friend,

    • kymber says:

      jamie my email came up wrong – it’s “kymber

      • Jamie says:

        kymber No worries but I’m afraid you will get spammed to death using your email address as your “handle”.

        Also my Magic jack covers Canada for free calling if you need voice coms with me shoot me an email and I can call for free!

    • Jamie says:

      kymber: you know how I love multi-taskers. While Ebola is nasty getting sick always sucks and having all those sickroom items ready to go is a big plus in my book.

      I did 5 days of no tap water when my water main broke in Jan. this year and had to be replaced. I had a great indoor wood stove, my Igloo jugs for backup hot water storage and only myself to worry about and I was wiped out and the end of the week. Phelan has done this for months for her family. Did a move to a radically different area/climate with little backup, a chewed up knee and just for giggles trying to get a new business setup.

      I am so impressed with what she has done and the sacrifices she has made to make it work and she has only wrote a couple of times about giving up. Gosh I think I would have said “screw it” put the kids up for adoption, sell everything and maybe get a nice condo in “Boca” rather than tough it out 😉

  2. kymber says:

    that’s awesome jamie! i will send you my number through email. i don’t know know why my email is coming up as my handle???

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