Good day to fix the PC and clean the desk area

It was cool and rainy so I worked on getting my old desktop PC up and working. The old 8800 nvidia video card bit the dust a while back so I got a small GT 610 video card to replace it a couple of months ago but I couldn’t get the PC to power up. I had my laptop to use as a backup so I just left the desk top sit for awhile as I had many other jobs that seemed more important to get done besides fussing with a PC.  I figured out I also had a bad memory stick that kept the PC from booting and got that tracked down, thankfully no cost involved just sort of annoying.  I also got a software update finished that was a real pain before, but today went smooth as silk.  It’s always good to remember that electronics is related to physics which is related to mama nature and sometimes “Mama” likes to mess with you!  I have to say it is very nice to have a faster machine while cruising the Internet.

While I was putting with the PC I got my battery backups all powered up and plugged in my printer and router. These are small wattage backups so if main power goes down I can use the laptop with the router and printer at least for a short time.  I also killed a few dust bunnies and found some power and other cables to remove that were not in use.   My cords always seem to breed if I don’t watch out and keep them seperated 😉 It looks much cleaner and I have freed up a lot of  desk real estate getting things cleaned and organized.

I’m keeping an eye out for some of the larger uninterruptible power supplies at yard sales. Those UPS-es are expensive to buy new.  Just another battery powered layer to add for any short term power outages and I can use this battery power to top off the cell phone or the kindle.  I’m sort of the poster child for starting off small and cheap and them building the next layer.  Once you build up whatever system you are putting together  you can move the  “starter items ” into the barter bin so you are not wasting any money or resources.

I took Mom to the Doc about her knee and she has to spend a few more weeks in the brace. At least she can take off the brace while sleeping and she was able to take her first real bath since August last night. While Mom is a bit miffed about keeping the brace on at least she is making some progress. I’m thankful I got to drive her around as I don’t think the snack packs of jello/pudding for the sickroom would have entered my mind without the idea of the mini-van picnic/food box.  I guess that is why I always enjoyed the TV show Connections with James Burke as my mind works with one thing and then sort of goes off on another tangent.

I want to thank all of you who sent your prayers and we even got a couple extra donations for Phelan to start on the stove pipe. If anyone wants to ask about going grid down for months on end Phelan is your girl on just about everything related to that and keeping a family functioning.

2 Responses to Good day to fix the PC and clean the desk area

  1. I’m a big believer in battery backups. I use the big stand mounted ones. Our power here is so unreliable, and so quirky, that only by running power through the backup systems can I prevent the grid power from damaging my equipment.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry do you use the UPS with your generators? My inverter for solar is a cheap model and not a “pure-sine wave” inverter and I sort of worry about spiking using it with my electronics.

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