Possible Ebola victim in Dallas TX.

This is not to cause panic but to give you a heads up that Ebola may already entered the States.

“Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has admitted a patient into strict isolation to be evaluated for potential Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) based on the patient’s symptoms and recent travel history. The hospital is following all Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of Heath recommendations to ensure the safety of patients, hospital staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors. The CDC anticipates preliminary results tomorrow.” http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2014/09/29/north-texas-hospital-evaluating-patient-for-potential-ebola-exposure/

You need to start practicing your sanitation “rituals” and make them habits. Things like wiping down grocery cart handles and the seat that hold young children is one item to do if you don’t already wipe them down. Most of the larger stores in my area provide a handy wipe for their grocery carts.  Have some of the handi-wipes, tissues, masks and some disposable gloves in the car should be added to the  glove box.  Start using arms and elbows to open any push doors and at every chance wash your hands with soap and water.  Stay clear of those air driers as there are a few studies that state they may blow liquids around rather than just drying hands, use paper towels.  Start watching yourself and your family and how many times they touch their face. This is something I have a really hard time controlling. Now is the time to learn not to touch your face with your hands or at least use a tissue.

I had already planned on getting more of the Tyrex suits from Amazon as well as adding the bagged respirator. Getting N95 or even N100 masks locally is not a problem at Home improvement or the local farm stores.  Simple masks, safety glasses/goggles and disposable gloves can be bought at your local dollar store. I don’t have a problem using the Latex gloves but I prefer the vinyl gloves. Some people prefer Nitrile gloves that can be more expensive but even Wal-mart’s website has those gloves for $9.24 per 100. If you are allergic to latex get a different glove as you don’t want a skin rash that gives any virus an entry way through the skin.  I’m always finding a new use for these gloves around the house especially in the kitchen handling hot peppers!  These gloves work great in the car if you need to pump gas or check the fluids and want your hands to stay clean.

Cleanup and disposal of sickroom items. Bleach has shown to be a  virus killer as well as a great sanitizer. To make a disinfectant solution with bleach, mix 1/4 cup of bleach in a gallon of water. Pour some of the mixture into a spray bottle or use directly from a bucket with a clean sponge/white cotton towel. I like using several Bar Towels tossed in a bucket with this mix. Adding more bleach than this ratio will not make it work better so don’t add more bleach to the water!  Let the area air dry naturally or leave the are damp for a couple of minutes and wipe dry.  Bleach will lose effectiveness over time so figure about 24-48 hours in an open bucket and around 7 days for a spray bottle full. Wash any cloth from the sickroom in a bleach solution and hot water. Big advantage for white cotton as it does not discolor when bleached. Now acid based  like vinegar also clean but they do not sanitize as well as bleach. I use an Acid base cleaner for beer making that works great but I’m not sure if I would count on it for Ebola!  Buckets with lids and a lot of garbage bags on hand for anything that touches the patient and needs to be disposed of such as paper plates, cups, utensils and anything that may have been touched by body fluid via a cough, sneeze, blood, urine or sweat. Bag it in a bucket and have a lid for the bucket before it is disposed of properly. Same for any cloth that needs washing that is dropped in your bleach water bucket.  Buckets and garbage bags are cheap your life is not so if you don’t have extra buckets get some and remember these do not have to “food grade”. If you don’t have to use the buckets in the sick room they will still be handy to have and they don’t take a lot of room when stacked.

Now for some good news:  Ebola is a tropical disease and it may not be as virulent in a temperate climate. So called “room temperature” in Equatorial Africa is quite a bit higher than most northern areas of the USA, Europe and Asia.  Municipal Sanitation standards tend to be much higher outside of  Equatorial Africa. With basic sanitation and support of a patient I think  the fatality rate would drop to about 30% rather than the 50% we are seeing in Africa. A one in three fatality rate is still darn nasty to contemplate and deal with but it’s not TEOWAKI.

I don’t blame the average person in Africa as they tend to be ignorant but not necessarily stupid and the local PTBs would much rather line their pockets, rather than build basic sanitation projects or even educate the people. Some of these people are literally throwing away bars of soap because they have been taught to be  suspicious of the west, with their history I can’t say that I blame them.  Then again, soap does not take a hi-tech society to make.  I think there is also a bit of blame that needs to be acknowledge at a local level as well.  Honestly after watching “Occupy Wall Street” I can see how stupid the average American is about sanitation. I am quite fearful if basic sanitation breaks down in the states, I figure we would also see many “filth diseases”.

You have time to prepare for the 2- 21 day incubation period as well as have a sickroom in place and stock up on the basics that someone living on $2.00 a day could never get in place.  I want you to consider how you would survive if your home was Quarantined for about 3 months to make sure the patient,  home care giver and everyone in the home could not leave for any reason and either would die or emerge alive with no help from the outside?  I personally would have a very difficult time being stuck for 3 months in a house with small children.  Hopefully the Quarantine would be for just my home and city lot so I could get wood to stay warm. Remember in that situation keeping the healthy people safe is paramount, not taking care of sick people!

Prepare Accordingly, remember at the end of July the CDC said “There is nothing to worry about this Ebola Outbreak”.  If you are prepared for something as nasty as Ebola you are prepared for almost every other communicble disease and have most of the items in place for any bio-weapon. Most bio-weapons are at best area denial weapons and work very poorly in cold or very hot weather. If You have plastic sheeting for windows and can make a containment area and clean room you should be somewhat safe.


8 Responses to Possible Ebola victim in Dallas TX.

  1. Reading this post will save many lives:
    USA Patent 7,135,195 Solution

    Former Surgeon General of the Air Force, P.K. Carlton, writes the following letter to the office of homeland security 2007 requesting the following:

    “I feel it can be used in the area of bio-defense from bio-terrorism to infectious diseases such as SARS. The anti-microbial has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph and SARS. It is the first new anti-microbial for the hospital in many years. In addition it is non-toxic to humans, EPA approved (Hospital Staph and Bubonic Plague) and currently Sec 18 approval. The Solution has shown to be a wide spectrum anti-microbial/bio-contaminant that can be used to increase the safety and functionality of health care facilities in the event of bio-terror attack or infectious disease outbreak such as SARS. In short, we currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy in our inventory. As such I recommend that the anti-microbial be evaluated for addition to the National Push-back stockpile. It will make our nation a safer place to live and work.” General P.K.Carlton MD. (excerpt of a letter to the Dept. of Homeland Security, 2007)

    Senator Orrin Hatch has formally requested Silver Sol be used for homeland security specifically against bio-terrorism such as Anthrax Orrin Hatch. Letter to Tom Ridge Homeland Security, 2006 (Source: researchsilver.com)

    • Jamie says:

      nmartininwz: Colloidal silver may help stop secondary infections that come with Ebola. I have not read anything that colloidal silver actually fights the Ebola virus.

      I’m not a health care professional so there might be something I have missed. But I have been reading that vitamin C may help in the treatment of Ebola keeping the cell walls intact, which would help prevent hemorrhaging.

      • So true…. Many roads lead to Rome. Vitamin C kills viruses, so does many many other food sources, even as teas. Living in the Philippines I grow papaya trees, camote (sweet potato), and have access to a weed tawa tawa– the leaves and items from these kill dengue fever in a heartbeat. Reading my blog you will know, blood platelets and white blood cell count rapidly rise in the first 24/hrs of drinking teas from these sources. Knowing something we have access to that kills viruses is the key. Look at the horrific viruses killed by information that was shared with Homeland Security– that is a vital key. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Just saw on Fox that the ebola patient has been confirmed to have the disease. However, the talking heads say “what, me worry?”

    • Jamie says:

      Harry: That pisss me off the worst!

      Instead of getting info out on how to deal with these diseases, all we get are platitudes not to worry/panic. That sure as heck has not worked so far in containing these diseases!

  3. asoulsaver1 says:

    hey , do u know what flight this guy was on

    • Jamie says:

      asoulsaver: No info on the flight or Itenerary yet.
      It seems this guy did walk around for 4 days after showing some symptoms. Goodness knows how many people he came in contact with during that time.

    • Jamie says:

      Update on the flight
      Airlines scramble to track down HUNDREDS who came in contact…

      “U.S. officials had refused to release Duncan’s flight details, but United Airlines chose to make his itinerary public.

      Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national, arrived in the U.S. at Washington Dulles International Airport on United Flight 951 on September 20, the airline revealed today.

      He then boarded United Flight 822 to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

      U.S. officials had previously refused to provide details of his itinerary, claiming none of his fellow passengers were at risk because he was not showing symptoms at that time.”

      “The New York Times reports that Duncan helped care for a woman who later died of the disease just days before his journey. Had a customs official asked him about his contact with Ebola patients, he could have been flagged as being at high risk for infection.”

      Drudge Report

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