Added a few more sickroom items and getting back to work on other stuff

I want everyone to know that I’m sort of shooting blind on some of the things related to Ebola as information is very hard to find.  I do have some medical training as sort of the Army’s simpler version of a Combat Medic. I have the books and did study more but I’m not an EMT, but more of a person with advance 1st aid skills. I know I don’t know enough, so I do a lot of research and write what I find out in the blog so you all can add things or not depending on your research. I like to think that I’m giving people a starting point and hopefully they will follow up to make things work for them.  I try to make sure that anything I am doing and write about will “first do no harm”!  As well as  may do some good that any average person could do for  themselves.  There are some very good sites that are giving out “Pandemic/1st aid preparedness advice” that is not about panic or going out and buying everything for a hospital room.    Lizzie Bennet  Daisy Luther Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

If you are a person that tends to panic, I’d say go ahead  panic now and write down everything that is making you feel panicked  so you can have a list of what makes you panic so you can take steps to remove those feelings.  Write down everything and then strike a line through everything you can’t control. You could be pissed off about not shutting down the flights from west Africa to the open borders, but you have no control over that so go down your list and see what you can control or do something about yourself.  It doesn’t matter if it buying supplies or how to keep the kids educated/entertained if you keep them home.  Now take a deep breathe and put a line through everything you can not control.  Now look at your budget for prepping and see if there is any wiggle room, or you may already be doing all you can to stock up and there is nothing more you can do so strike a line through those items.  I don’t know how you budget or plan your preps.  I sort of did mine backasswards when I started out, but I did start early so I had time to fix those little problems.  Some people focus on a little bit of everything and others focus on a certain areas. I’m more of a “little bit of everything” type though now that I feel confident in my basic preps I sort of focus on one area or one of my yearly goals.  Dealing with a Pandemic was not one of my goals this year, but since I’m set on basic supplies it was simple to change focus quickly to start setting up a sickroom.

You still have time to make a plan and if you have been prepping and getting the basics on hand you are already ahead of most people.  So put the credit card down and add to your wish list but not the cart at  Until your “panic” list is done and you can afford to adjust your budget, do not go crazy buying stuff in a panic!  I am not much for panic in an emergency, though I do sort of  “fall apart”  after the initial crisis has passed. I’m sort of trying to get back on track from reacting to the “Pandemic” thing.  Trust me blowing through about $100.00 is a big freaking deal when you don’t plan ahead for those costs.  There is nothing wrong with how you react or feel facing a disaster, learning your strengths and weaknesses is a part of prepping.  Use what you are good at and try to mitigate what is weak and you will gain confidence as you build your pantry as well as your skill set.

I’m finally making some beer again. I wish I could be a more timely/consistent rather than having a burst of beer making after doing nothing for several weeks.  I got a very nice large tent at K-mart on sale and layaway paid off.  This tent is actually high enough I can can stand upright rather than just some rain protection while sleeping with my small tent. I also like that the tent weighs just under 15 pounds and while I can’t backpack with it, car or trike camping/bugout is very doable.  The tent instructions require two people to set it up but I think I can do it myself once I set a couple of stakes. Something to test out next week. Mom and I are very well set for tents as we could make a nice little set up of tents and have a great little wood stove or propane stoves/ovens for a great comfy camp site. That is not including any RV’s or campers.

I would say most that are new to prepping is  start small and then add more comforts as you gain more knowledge, money and stuff. You might  not be able to pay $5,000 for a wood stove or solar energy installation, but you could probably afford a $20.00 butane hot plate and 4 cans of butane fuel for $20.00 to start and you will have a way to cook and that heat will warm your home without killing you via carbon monoxide. Remember you don’t have to stay small and as you build up those starters can go into a barter box.




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