Building a community and doing good things with the garden produce

My tomatoes are coming on a bit late but I made a few deliveries of  my garden produce to some neighbors that had a bit of bad luck on their garden and a few new members that could not plant a garden because of timing.  If you want to build a community you must reach out and be nice. Sometimes you will get a verbal slap in the face but that is actually a good thing as you start learning who will work with the community and who wants or needs to be left alone.  My brewing beer opens up a lot people, but some don’t drink, but everyone eats and a home grown garden tomato can be a great way to break the ice and get to know your neighbors.

I know I can’t be a “lone wolf” and survive.  Because of my disability I know I will need help so I have already spent years of helping my neighbors via tools I have lent to them to dropping off a few veggies to using my stove to cook or charcoal to BBQ.  I think a those little items have built up a lot of good will for the future.  I don’t have a problem with a person trading value for value and I don’t think you need to be self -sacrificing in order to be a good Christian.  I do get a bit peeved at some Christians that seem to think they don’t have to prepare because God or other christians must step up to provide for them.  That’s a cop-out and excuse for them not to do the work and prepping done well costs and is work ! I believe that God gave us examples to prepare. That does not mean we will be perfect only that we will do the best we can and trust that God handles any little over sights on our part.  If you don’t put forth the effort to prepare I don’t see why God should save you.  To me it seems you are throwing that gift of life he gave you.  If you don’t value your life why should any one else?

I’m not talking about a run of “bad luck” that happens, but I am talking about choosing to do your best and sacrificing to get prepared. You might fail but you should at least get a little bit prepared.

New Essential oil experiment:

I think that Rice bran oil is a great carrier oil and it is naturally high in vitamin E that works as a natural preservative as well as being good for your skin. Now compared to the salves made with coconut oil the rice bran oil seems to be absorbed quicker and a bit less greasy/oily feeling, staying on top of the skin. I’m not sure how to describe it except the rice bran oil seems to soak into the skin and coconut oil seem to stay on top of the skin and sort of form a light protective barrier.  Using coconut oil in my pain salve is wonderful and it it is a bit water resistant. But for a dry skin healing salve I think the rice bran oil maybe a bit better soaking into the skin.

I have some dry skin problems but nothing major. Now my sister has major skin problems with psoriasis and has bad rash looking breakouts. So I want to make a salve that address both a bit of dry skin as well as major skin issues. Bad thing is my sister is very sensitive to citrus products so using a lemon essential oil does not work.  I made up a skin oil with tea tree (mellaluca) and a equal amount of  Rosemary (about 12-14 drops in 8 oz. of carrier oil) I also added a bit of lavender (2-4 drops) to kick up the oils and a scent. I added about 6 drops of clove and cedarwood for a nice fragrance but I think the clove adds a bit of warmth to the skin. It’s not unpleasant just a bit unexpected result.

Now I have only tested this on myself so it may work differently for you but so far the salve feels very good when applying it. It smells pleasant and I think most guys would like the woodsy cedar and clove smell.  I tested this on my left hand and I had a little pain in my thumb (arthritic/bad weather related) and it seem to help a bit with the pain. Or at least loosen up the joint a bit.

Speaking for myself the salve feels wonderful put on dry  skin and I’m not much of a person worried about dry skin. I think you should watch the amount of clove oil as it might make the salve overly hot rather than a pleasant slightly warm feeling I had testing it out.

4 Responses to Building a community and doing good things with the garden produce

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    This is fascinating Jamie, we have been using your original pain salve for a couple of weeks now I think and it’s working great! We also had a friend of ours that is into healing using natural substances and she told us that using ground cinnamon mixed with either coconut oil or pure honey (a teaspoon of each) twice a day helps the body get rid of inflammation. Mary uses the honey and because of my diabetes I use the coconut oil, it made a noticeable difference in about three days. Using this with your pain salve we are almost totally free of pain all day!

    • Jamie says:

      Danny boy: I am so glad the pain salve is working for both of you. I’m trying out the rice bran oil because it has a naturally high vitamin E content and it is a good cooking oil with a very high smoke point 450 degrees F. That makes it a great multi-tasker for a prepper.

      Real cinnamon seems to work great balancing sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. Natural local honey seems to work great at preventing allergy symptoms. I can’t believe how well adding a mineral supplement of Zinc, Magnesium has aided in my stamina and muscle recovery. As well as helping with pain.

      There is so much knowledge we have lost about being self-reliant and using the doctor and pills as a last resort after we can’t make do with home remedies. Having good health ain’t like ordering a Happy Meal. It takes a bit of effort.

      The docs hand out Narco like it is candy and I have heard and read about people having some harsh emotional side effects from that drug. Add in the SSRI’s for depression and other drugs and it get’s darn scary.

      I am beginning to think that a lot of chronic health issues are related to inflammatory type reactions in the body. Aspirin is a great and somewhat safe anti-inflammatory that treats fever and pain. I think it gets a bad “rap” as being dangerous because of Reyes syndrome. But Aspirin won’t destroy your liver like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

      I’m still new to Essential oils and making my own salves and rubs but I think there is a lot of potential healing home remedies that can be added to a prepper medical kit.

  2. kymber says:

    jamie – you are dead right about getting out and meeting your community and making friends and allies. we have such a small community here, and although some people don’t like some people and blah-blah-blah – if a grid down situation or anything else occurred, we know that we would all pitch in to help each other. i am glad that you are making friends in your community.

    as for salves and such and making them on our own, and having the knowledge to do so – it’s amazing isn’t it? and did you know that spruce tree needle flowers (which aren’t really flowers) are great for making a tea that contains natural aspirin (it’s what they originally make aspirin from. i just can’t for the life of me spell the word right now – bahahahah!)

    thanks, jamie, for keeping up with the awesome posts! much love to you and yours! your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber: My thinking in meeting nieghbors is starting a new idea based of the old “Mutual aid Societies” that existed before the New Deal welfare programs. Some were based on religon, nieghborhoods or ethnic background and people would pool what they had to help out someone in trouble.

      I just keep adding aspirin from the local “Dollar Tree store”. Many of the pine tree needles can make a tea that is chock full of vitamin C and rose hips are also a great source of C.

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