Looks like I got toilet repaired finally and watching people

I replaced the guts of toilet in the small bathroom but I had a heck of a time with the water supply  pipe leaking at the tank. For me it is often a good idea to walk away from a repair project for a short time and double check the book/instructions to make sure I followed all the steps.  I’m not exactly sure why but the water supply line seems to be good after I tightened up one of the nuts.  I could have sworn I did all that before but obviously I was mistaken. I have a couple of paper towels wrapped around the the supply line, that will let me know if  any leaks occur. So far so good as it has been several hours and I’m not seeing any leaks and the paper towels are still dry.

Getting my small bathroom up and working has been a critical part of my sickroom preparations.  I want to have my big bathroom so it can be dedicated for sickroom support. I don’t want anyone that is ill walking through the house to use my small bathroom and I sure don’t want a healthy person having to go through the sickroom plastic just to use the bathroom. If you don’t have a bathroom you can block off  specifically for the sickroom add a potty bucket and wash tubs for cleaning up the patient.  More work but it will also help if the patient feels they are doing all they can to help themselves stay clean.  I have been so ill that I could not even comb my hair and when I started getting better being able to do little things like combing my hair or making a small pot of coffee were incredibly important to me.  That is one of the reasons I focus so much on the morale of the patient. I can’t speak for others but for me, feeling helpless and dependent sucked!  Of course I was helpless and dependent which made all those little things I could do for myself so much more important.

There is a gal that walks at the mall and she is very smart and pays attention to what is going on. I need to cultivate her as she seems to have been a healthcare worker, does sewing crafts and speaks Chinese though I don’t know what dialect.  Talk about a bunch of great skill sets and this is only what I have found out chit chatting in the local mall during my walks with Mom.  There is another gal that is from Canada and her husband is a US Veteran and she is a smart gal. There is a young man that I gave the jello/pudding to that works one of the cell phone kiosk that is very ambitious buying a home and looking for another to buy. Well he can’t be earning a lot of money but he is mostly debt free and can leverage a bit. I ‘m trying to give him ways to save money but he seems to be a natural salesman and if you can sell you can make money.  I have to say I’m not much on the whole “gray man” philosophy. I have no problem with those that go gray, I just don’t see it as a viable strategy for me and my disability.  For me my strategy is to be somewhat visible and have a skill set that is valuable if the SHTF.

I don’t think anyone can guarantee you will live no matter what steps you take. All we have to do in this life is die and I believe we all will at some point.  But how you live and what you do in this life, even if it only affects a few people is something precious and I think you should value it.


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  1. Not me. I don’t want to die so I am not going to! 😡

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