Lots of cleanup and organizing done

I finished up cleaning and organizing the basement and added a few more shelves that made it a lot easier.  I only need to tweak stuff  now to make it work better rather than the “Oh God!” how will I ever get this all done, sort of thing.  One nice bonus is getting my buckets cleaned and organized so I can give it a look and know when I need to start finding sales to top things off.  As I get older I find I don’t deal as well with not having things organized as I did when I was a kid or young adult. Time is too precious to waste looking for stuff so having my things organized seems to reduce my stress level and shopping lists are a lot easier to get done.  Perhaps it is the Army training of having things in it’s place and cleanliness is always a big issue. Being dirty and disorganized does not work well when I am under pressure/stress.

I ran over to my sister’s place and cut off a few tree limbs that were brushing up against her deck and gutters in a bad way.  My sister was impressed with just how well the little B&D battery powered chainsaw did on cleaning up those limbs.  The trees should be okay until spring or possibly next fall at her place with this little bit of trimming.  I dropped off the new skin salve for my sis and I hope it works. Both her and Mom really like the scent and Mom has been using it with her dry skin for a couple of weeks and likes it.  Mom and my sister have a sensitivity to citrus and they have to be careful even taking C vitamins so using Lemon essential oil is just not workable for them. Me, I would eat lemons and never had to much problems at all with any sort of citrus.  Now this skin salve mix has cedarwood, clove and tea tree along with using Rice bran oil (naturally high in Vitamin E) and a bit of lavender that seems to make other Essential oils more effective based on my experience.  This oil has more of a spicy aroma rather than a sweet/ floral aroma of the previous skin salve.  My sister also loved the little wire cap and bail jar the salve came in this time.  She thought those little jars would make great little xmas presents/stocking stuffers as they are so functional and look great.

Dad came over and fixed one of the RV vents that got trashed this spring.  With an older RV there will always be a few things that must be replaced as they age and late 70’s era plastic fixtures is one of them. Dad said we need to get some roof coating done as water is starting to attack some of the seams of the metal of the roof.  It’s nice I am set up with the pressure wand so cleaning is not a big deal if a person can climb up on the RV’s roof. Dad said he’ll replace the old battery with the new AGM battery I already bought. If he can help me remove the busted futon/sofa then the little RV will have a great start for being ready to bugout or simply go out on camping trips.  I still want to replace the RV awning with the attachable tent/cabana room but it is tough to dedicate $500. 00 dollars when you are trying to deal with everything starting to go sideways.  Especially when bugging in seems to be the priority prepping need at the moment.

Dad really liked the new wood rack and how I cleaned up the porch for this winter’s heating.  Yes, I’m nearly 50 years old and I feel good when my parents are pleased that I am ready and I get a little pat on the back and a “You are doing good kid”.  Parents always worry about their kids and age does not matter. Knowing that some of the kids can handle stuff makes less stress for parents.


2 Responses to Lots of cleanup and organizing done

  1. S.Lynn says:

    Treasure your parents while you can. (I’m in Wilder this week) Shari

  2. Jamie says:

    S.Lynn: Us kids often forget that lesson. We also tend forget that their should be a pay back of a sort. Often our parents support us for 20 + years as we grow, yet many adult children find it diffacult to support their parents in the golden years as they become inconvient. My Mom gave me 18 years of support I figure I owe her at at least that amount in return.

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