Cleaning up and more prep for winter

There was a massacre of dust bunnies and old spider webs today at Casa de Chaos. I have been working on my fall cleanup both inside an outside and today it was time to clean up the rooms I don’t use daily.  I have to say I have sort of ignored those rooms as far as cleaning regularly and boy did the need some attention.  It wasn’t truly bad as I got most of the work done with the vacuum and semi-damp sponge for dusting.  I moved some old PC cases out to the shop for parting out along with the counter top microwave to clean up one of the bedrooms that has become a catch all.  I trashed my laser printer that died this year.  It looks like my desktop PC motherboard finally bit the dust. Time to get new parts to upgrade the machine. I can reuse the a lot of the old PC parts but the motherboard, CPU and memory sticks will have to be new.  I figured the  new parts will cost about $190.00 through Amazon. I checked and I’m saving about $40.00 and getting a slightly better CPU.  Plus I can buy the parts over time so there is no huge one time cost. I setup my laptop for now and it works fine as my backup until I buy the new parts.  I’m a firm believer in repairing stuff if you can and always take a shot at repair, as you really can’t break something that is already broken. But if you can’t repair it, get rid of it and move along.

If you are a smoker the walls will get stained but one of the better cleaners I have found for walls is Florex carpet stain cleaner. It works as good or better as sudsy ammonia and it does not give off the ammonia smell that can be quite unpleasant.  The walls need to be repainted using a gloss or semi-gloss rather than flat latex paint. The gloss paint is easier to clean as the flat paints seem to absorb dirt and smoke.  One of my winter projects is to get the walls repainted and use a good paint which has gotten very expensive in the last few years.

I’m very pleased how the elm is burning in the wood stove.  Having the wood rack on the porch is working even better than I thought it would when I bought it.  So far I am not seeing elm as a dirty, nasty smelling type of wood. Now the grain of elm wood twists it can be a lot of hard work to cut and split, but my Dad has a hydraulic wood splitter so I have dry elm cut for my wood stove and my physical effort/work with the elm has been minimal for wood cutting.  I think elm smells okay while burning though it seems sort of neutral not good or bad  to me.  I don’t find burning elm unpleasant at all. Now the elm I got is dry, so the odor might be more pronounced if the wood is green.  A neat little trick for your wood stove or fireplace is add a little bit of newspaper on top of your wood stack to light first and that will heat your chimney and get it warm to draw air well and then light your paper and kindling.  I have added new lithium batteries to the smoke detectors but I need to add another Fire extinguisher to my preps.  The carbon monoxide detector is new  so overall I am ready for winter wood heating. The chimney sweep seemed very impressed with my basic set up but I prefer to go above and beyond the basics as I have lived through  a chimney fire and it was very ungood.

Some good news Mom got the big knee brace off today! Doctor recommends she put it on if she does any heavy work to protect the knee but now she can start working on increasing her mobility and strength.


2 Responses to Cleaning up and more prep for winter

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Glad to hear the good news about your Mother, that’s great!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy I will pass on the good wishes to Mom. Eventually we can add that full leg brace to the 1st aid/medical preps as a great leg splint.

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