Figured out a plumbing issue, a new addition to the BOV

I think I finally located the washer’s  drainage problem. It is in the trap, and the way the pipe was installed is completely FUBAR.  There is no way to access the ABS  pipes at all without cutting them apart. Plus there are to many elbows and crazy turns in the pipe. Seems like the idiot that installed it was just using up leftover pipe to make things fit or had no concept of how to measure things.  My plan is to cut out a section in the basement and add Y drain fitting so I can run a snake through the pipe if it gets clogged again. The drain pipe trap by the washer will need to be cut out and replaced with a straightforward layout of pipe and I will add in a way to disconnect the pipe so I can clean it in the future.  With the Y fitting I should be able to clean out either the kitchen sink pipe or the washer’s drain pipe if  needed to in the future.  I can be cheap and will some times make do, but for gosh sakes plastic pipe isn’t all that expensive to buy and a few couplers or Y-drain type fittings sure makes dealing with clogs a lot easier and they cost only about $10.00!  I got the dryer vent hose trimmed and hooked up properly so it does not kink and dries much better over all and should eliminate most of the lint build up which is a fire hazard.

I love my house, but it has been frustrating to fix things that were just installed stupidly.  I’m not much of DIYer but some of the things I have dealt with just boggle my mind.  I can’t think of a good reason why to add a two 90 degree elbows before and one after a trap when you can add a longer section of pipe and things would have lined up including the trap.  My plan to buy a new trap and some pipe and it will make the pipe run much cleaner by eliminating the all the elbows and then add straight run of pipe to tie in to the drain pipe in the basement.

It wasn’t all bad as I got a neat little 12 volt coffee maker/soup can warmer at the Holiday Bazaar today. It cost all of 25 cents and it works with my little power pack as well as the 12 volt system in the minivan.  All I need is a 12 volt hot plate and the minivan will have a small 12 volt electric kitchen in case I need to bugout. In some ways I think the minivan might make a better BOV compared to the RV because minivans are so common and they could be less of a target because they blend in so well.  My plan is to have a small solar panel system that will recharge the minivan’s and my little power pak’s batteries for a backup to my little camp stoves if they run out of fuel.  With the addition of the big tent and a few more additions the minivan should make an excellent short term bug out vehicle or car camping rig.



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  1. Kimberly says:

    I am intrigued by the mini van set up for bov. If you get the opportunity could you do a complete reveal of all the items you’ve purchased and the set up? I don’t know if I understand well enough what you did to make it viable. I have both a large tent and a smaller tent and was considering how I could better prepare my vehicle if we needed to evacuate our large urban city.

    • Jamie says:

      Kimberly: No problem. I keep my GHB (Get Home Bag) and a car box (shoe box under the seat) in the car at all time.
      I added a small ‘Peak’ 12 volt DC thermo-electric cooler with 2 boxes of soup, a package of dehydrate potatoes, A couple snack paks of pudding and jello and some crackers but I don’t plug in the cooler.
      There are three 25 oz. Metal water bottles stuffed in seat pockets. These metal bottles work on my sterno stove either heating or boiling water. My GHB has a Sawyer mini-water filter.

      On a shelf in the shop I have my camping/bugout gear. To load the van I can grab from the shelf turn and load the van so it is very fast since I don’t have to take a lot of steps. Most of the gear is in a large Rubbermaid roughneck lockable tote and I will be re-packing it with the new tent and doing a blog post soon,so I will cover the rest of the packing in that post.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Thanks Jamie,
    I have a tote in the vehicle and you tweaked my brain to pull it out and do a review and filled with winter gear. Though I did add a new sleeping bag and blanket.

    One thing I learned is to put water in a cooler in my vehicle,it helps keep it from freezing and bursting in our severe winter weather.

    • Jamie says:

      Kimberly, I don’t have a big enough cooler for a 5 gallon jug but I do have a couple of smaller lunchbox/six pack coolers that might work for my water bottles. I usually keep the water bottles in the van 3/4 full to allow for freezing in winter. I have a Camelback water carrier in my BOB so even if I don’t have time to grab the 5 gallon jug I will have about of gallon of water to start with in a bugout situation. I will try out your idea using a cooler for insulation.

      I want to thank you for the BOV update idea for a post as it has been very popular.

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