Moving stuff around and starting to bottle the beer

I started cleaning up the catch-all room. This is the room where I store my beer making supplies and a few of the 15 gallon water barrels. I need to create more storage space as my Mom is moving in temporarily and she needs some room for her stuff here at the house. A room mate takes up more space compared to a guest and so while I needed to clean and organize the room the timeline got accelerated. Moving the bigger items and organizing most of the smaller items did not take as long as I thought and it already looks 50% better than it did. I got the closet mostly cleaned out so she has a spot for her clothes and shoes and the woman has a lot of clothes and shoes.  I set up a couple of shelves for her house plants that gets a lot of sun but I’m not sure I have enough room for all of them. I do have a couple of ideas I have been wanting to try out for built in shelves so I now have the motivation to get that concept started.

The one of the biggest jobs is adding a shed and chicken coop to the backyard for her chickens. It needs to be solid but also a temporary structure for when she move to her new place when she finds it. It looks like using the concrete pier/deck blocks will work the best for a temp. foundation for the coop and Mom has a nice dog kennel re-purposed for her chicken run. I have a sort of a rough idea for setting it up. I need to move the compost pile, it has the most level ground in my backyard which means less work on the coop.  Thankfully I only used a couple of boards to hold the pallets together and it will be simple to just unscrew them and move everything.  While it is a bit of work, I will have the chickens to work my yard and garden beds when we let the out to free range. It will be an opportunity to work on some of my carpentry skills and have a good excuse to buy a reciprocating saw I have been wanting to get for some time.  I did not master the emergency fund this year but I am getting better at leaving some wiggle room in my budget.

The beers are finishing up the fermenting process and I got one batch bottled. It looks like the black ale will be ready tomorrow though my amber ale is still bubbling away. I still have the amber lager I want to get started and I want to test out  a longer conditioning the beers in the bottles.  I think my beers are pretty good but they might be even better if I let them condition a bit longer.  Conditioning beer is sort of like how a stew or pasta sauce  improves in flavor after sitting in the fridge overnight and all the flavors have a chance to blend.

It is getting busy here at Casa de Chaos and I’m having to adapt to how quickly life is changing here. Overall things are coming together if they are not working out exactly how I planned.  I will keep on making those plans and goals but try and build in a bit more ability to change focus at the last minute.  It is something you need to be ready for mentally as normal life throws you plenty of curve balls. In a disaster that gets multiplied so being flexible and ready to adapt to changing conditions is an important skill to cultivate.



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