I’m still moving things around so Mom has a place for her most critical items and keep things working for myself and my pets. I moved the chest of drawers from Mom’s bed room to the catch-all room and set it up for Smokey the cat. I have a litter box and food and water on the chest but Smokey never uses her litter box and prefers to do her business in the great outdoors. The litter box is more of a backup system rather than Smokey’s main potty spot. Smokey the cat does not deal with change very well but she seems to have accepted the move.  I think this will work out, as Mom is bringing her pekes and while her dogs don’t chase cats, Smokey will have quite a few more dogs to deal with, so having her stuff in another room should help all the critters to adapt.  This opens up my guestroom for more of Mom’s stuff and it should help make her feel more at home.  I was able to move a tall book shelf into her room so she can have a few of her beloved books  and going vertical helps add more storage with only a minimal cost of floor space.  I setup Mom’s flat screen TV and got the Roku going but she will need an antenna if she wants to watch any local TV programming.  My TV’s can pick up 18-23 of the local digital channels and with the Roku and Amazon Prime she should be happy with the selection though she might miss listening to Fox business and Stuart Varney as I don’t have cable/Sat TV programming.

Having a plan to blend households is prepping, as we have no idea what disaster might hit us. From the economy tanking, to taking in friends and family being flexible enough to offer a bed, some storage and a safe place that a person can re-launch from may become a very critical skill.  I totally understand those that don’t want to share after the SHTF. Especially after you tell and offer to help educate people to prepare.  If you are healthy and have a good plan that is not dependent on others that is great. I’m a single and disabled so I need to to take in healthy bodies that can be trained. Is it a risk? Absolutely, but I’m at a major disadvantage because of my disability, so I will have to have help. Do a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to maximize your strengths and minimize any weaknesses.  Have skills not dependent on stuff because then you become too valuable to the tribe to kill.  Sorry to say predators always prey on the weak and disabled first so you need to be ready not to look weak.

Well enough of the “Zombie Apocalypse” thing. I just order a new jig saw for my tool set and to do a few cuts on Mom’s new chicken shed/coop.  I wanted to buy a good reciprocation saw but those are sort of expensive and with my disability I’m not sure I can use one of those saws in my tool box.  A jig saw and multiple blades should work out in the short term.  I think I have a plan for the chicken coop/shed that will have a  solid and square foundation yet could be moved if needed.

So far using the elm in the wood stove it looks like the wood rack on the porch could last a couple of weeks in cold weather.  My two-step stove is rated to heat a home of 2000 square feet and all I have is about 1200 square feet on the main level.  I’m not complaining as I can always open a window for cool air in winter.  Burning  elm is a new thing to me and just keeping the house heated under 78 degrees F.  is a bit of a challenge using the wood stove.


2 Responses to Still….

  1. TOR says:

    1) Some capacity to have (potentially prolonged) guests is certainly a handy thing. Never know when someone close might need a place to crash for awhile. Also many hands make for light work, at least if you can feed them.

    2) A reciprocating saw might be a bit much for you. A jigsaw, coping saw or band saw are needed if you want to do curved cuts.

  2. Jamie says:

    TOR: I think I can feed and water all that need a place to crash if they will work to make Casa de Chaos secure.

    2) Hell, I had a hard time cutting a straight line with before I got disabled. Setting me loose with a reciprocating saw is not repair. It’s demolition at best. The jigsaw will be a better tool for me as it will have some support and I won’t be trying to freehand cuts.

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