Taking it easy today

I was pretty worn out after all the moving of furniture and boxes yesterday so I took it easy physically. Mom dropped just a few items and saw my adjustment and she wants to replace my shelving with one of her book cases. That will work out because I can take the shelving downstairs and use it for organizing my storage. I think one of the top 10 items on every preppers wish list is more shelves or cabinets for storage.

I was a little surprised by the difference in storage/shelving I was able to add to the catch-all room by cleaning and organizing it better. A few ideas are now spinning around in my head about making a cabinet for the water barrels and  using  a couple of those furniture moving carts to make the barrels easier to move around when full.  One of the biggest lessons I learned from my water tests is the reality of moving water is a hard job. Any way I can make it easier is going on the todo list!

Some good news, Smokey the cat is reacting much better to the move into the catch all room. She has her food and stuff all setup on the dresser like before and a chair with a down blanket for sleeping on when she needs it. I put a vinyl picnic table cloth on the dresser to protect it when I first brought her home and  now that is her “stuff”and seem to make the transition a lot easier for her. I never thought a cat would care about a table cloth!  Diana the peke, is adding hard food back into her diet. Her cyst hasn’t reduced much lately but it does not bother her in the slightest. I think we are starting to come to the end of her shedding and I gave her another good brushing last night. I’m astounded how such a small dog can shed so much fur without going bald.

I stopped by lowes and picked up three more of the LED bulbs even though they were not on sale to add to the bathroom. I’m replacing light bulbs in room I tend to use the most as well as were the quality of light is critical.  I like the light and have high hopes that these LEDs will reduce my electrical costs in the future.  Every opportunity to save money should be taken advantage of even if it few pennies at a time. If you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves.  I went to the Verizon store to switch over the phones and I was very disappointed by how long I had to wait and that I could not complete the transfer as I was told earlier this week.  I went online and checked out Cricket phones and they have a nice plan for unlimited talk and text for only $25.00 a month!  I don’t have a smart phone and all I want is just the ability to talk, though text can be a nice feature in a disaster when voice calls can’t get through.  Another nice thing about Cricket is there is no long term contract to deal with and I felt like Verizon just could not wait to get me under contract with a new phone and phone number.  In today’s economy I won’t have a 2 year contract with huge cancellation fees attached.  If I have to get a new phone and phone number there is no advantage in staying with Verizon and a heck of a lot of downsides.

One of things I see many people do, is only look at the monthly cost/payment and they don’t look at the possible long term costs. I can’t tell you many times I hear people say as long as they can make the monthly payment they are doing fine.  They never see how how over-leveraged they are or how their debt to income ratio has climbed until  they have a small emergency and their credit has dried up or how interest starts to eat them alive financially. I’m not saying all debt is bad, my little wood stove loan has already paid back in lower winter utility bills which has offset some of the cost of the loan. When it is paid off next year all of savings  goes into my energy fund of getting wood early for next winter and I want to add more solar panels and batteries for nice little off grid system for electricity.

5 Responses to Taking it easy today

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie it sounds like you are getting along just great! Maybe that is not the word you would use to describe your efforts and accomplishments but in my opinion it’s inadequate to describe your case!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: I’m feeling very positive about my accomplishments this year. The water main sort of blindsided me (start building an Emergency fund) but in a way it was a good thing to get it replaced as it is one less thing to go wrong with the house.

      This is the year I started doing more work around the house.
      I really gained a lot of confidence working with tools and doing some minor repairs and building a few things around my place. Plus I’m still finding ways to save money and still have a great life.

  2. Patti says:

    I totally agree about the phone plan. We have tmobile because there are four of us and our plan is unlimited talk, text and plenty of data for $100 with no commitment. I love it. I have friends who pay that for one phone. Crazy, right?

    • Jamie says:

      Patti, That is awesome. I sort of figure having a phone line that is less than $35.00 per line with no contract is a bargain. $25.00 per line is a great deal!
      When I see people that have smart phones and the internet and cable or Sat. TV packages that cost more than my house payment I’m just blown away! Of course the same people often wonder why they are just making the bills and live paycheck to paycheck!
      I’m always looking for ways to save money and I’m really hoping that the LED light bulbs will get me under the electricity level break point that is around 700 kW hours per month. That first level of pricing is usually the cheapest here in Idaho. With the woodstove in winter I should make it most months and if I can start adding solar panels next year I can make it year round and start looking at being completely self-sufficient on electricity.

      • Patti says:

        Wow, being self sufficient evidence on electricity would be a major win. I look forward to watching you do it.

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