Holly bushes trimmed up and the movers dropped off Mom’s stuff

Good neighbor N. and I attacked the rest of the holly bushes and got them trimmed down.  The area looks a little rough right now but by next summer the bushes should  put on new growth and get more bush like rather than growing up in height.  I really like how cutting down the holly opens up the front yard to more sunlight during the early part of the day. Between N. and having two small chainsaws and a bow saw the job went very fast.  N. borrowed my leaf blower with the vacuum attachment to get his yard clear of leaves. The good neighbors have helped me so much just because they are “good people”. I have no problem with helping them with tools in return of the work they have done for me. I don’t know if all preppers think about stocking up on tools that use muscle, battery, electric and gas power but it has sure made doing the jobs around Casa de Chaos a lot easier.   I have more work to be done trimming and cleaning up, but trimming the holly  was one of the big jobs I wanted to get done this week.  The snow that is forecasted probably won’t stick so I should be able to get a few more cleanup  jobs done before winter hits.

Mom and the movers stopped by with a few of her dressers and a few of the bigger items we put in the shop. I couldn’t fit her chair through the guest room door but I managed to rearrange the chairs so she has one of my chairs in her room and put her big chair next to the wood stove in the living room.  It doesn’t look too bad and we can still walk through the house without tripping over stuff.  I’m really glad I cleaned up the catch all room as we put several items in there until we can arrange her room so it works for her. While Mom and I get along, as she is not just not my Mom but a friend. People need a bit of privacy and personal space where they can get away from others, no matter how well they like each other in general.

Mom is trying very hard not to be an inconvenience, and while this is a little inconvenient I have been motivated to get a lot of stuff done, cleaning up and organizing my stuff.  I have cleared out most of the mill end wood from the future chicken coop area.  I have a wood table that was left in the shop when I moved in over 10 years ago that should work in the chicken coop/shed for nesting boxes. This table is a homemade one by the previous owners and I really don’t care if it is destroyed. I have a big sheet of peg board that should work with the wall hanging system of the Rubbermaid shed, so adding roosts and other equipment the chickens need should be simple once we have set up the shed.  I’m very excited to have the chickens here and letting them free range in my yards. My hope is Mom’s chickens will work the soil a bit and I will get plenty of organic matter for my compost pile.

I know Mom wants to have her own place and I hope we can find a nice little house for her so she can putter around the yard and do what she wants with her place. But we both know the economy is “iffy” what with the rising cost of the things you need to live and all. I don’t want Mom to feel she needs to move out as soon as possible. I want her to move out,  if she finds a good little home and she has a solid emergency fund to take care of any issues that always happen when moving into a home. There will always be issues when moving into a new place, getting things as squared away as possible before any little disasters happen, is what I want for her.  While she has a few health problems with her knee replacement and her Fybro, the women in this family tend to live a long time.  Late 80’s and 90 + years of age is not unusual, so she might as well plan on getting a place where she is happy!




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