Snow supposed to fall all day

Smokey the cat is most displeased with the whole snow thing.  She decided she could watch the snow from inside the house where she can take advantage of the wood heat! Diana the peke likes playing in the snow but it was a little to cold for her to stay out very long. I hung up my heavy curtains by the back door. I think there used to be a sliding glass door and the previous owner just put up some walls but did not insulate them, I have a doggy door there so it can get a little drafty. By hanging up the thermal curtains we can go in and out but it makes the back of the house much warmer overall. I closed most of the blinds and curtains over my windows. It makes the house a little dark but it sure helps with retaining heat.

I pulled a dummy yesterday, going out and not having my gloves or hat and I got a a chill that took most of the day to get warmed up again. Today I had my gloves and coat before adding salt to the front walk and sweeping the backyards sidewalks. I am glad I had everything stocked up and double checked for the cold and snow.  I’m very happy that we got both the hollies cut and most of Mom’s big stuff moved in before the snow hit. It would be miserable to be doing that stuff today.

We just got upgraded to a winter storm with freezing rain possible overnight. I hate freezing rain as it can take out power lines and makes the roads super slick.  The snow is covering up the walk that I salted down so it is shaping up to be a good little storm. I still need to finish the vacuming and bake some bread but everything else is ready to go. I am glad I had everything prepared, loaded up the fire wood and did my storm check list earlier this week. Makes life much easier for me.

I got all of the green tomatoes out to ripen and dehydrated about six trays of celery. I got a new idea for my small raised beds next year. I will do onions, celery, sweet peppers, carrots and garlic along with herbs for my kitchen stocks and meal starters/flavor enhancers. I will do the squash and tomatoes in deep raised bed and that will leave the big bed free for the melons, and some experimental crops. The front beds will be for edible flowers and colorful cabbages, kales, lettuces and herbs.

Funny, first big snow storm of the season and I’m planning out my garden!


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