Mom ordered the chicken shed

The shed will be a little more expensive but it will be delivered and built in the first week of Dec. It is a local company and it is a wood shed and I like how they build it with a 16 inch on center studs and it comes with a steel and wood foundation that looks very solid. The company fabricates the walls and roof in their factory then build it on site so it is a modular system. I feel much better about someone who knows what they are doing builds this shed instead of me. I know enough about carpentry to know I don’t know enough! The shed itself is 6’x8′ and is just over 8 feet high, I can run power from the shop for a light and a heater so Mom’s chickens should be nice and cozy this winter.

I finally got the cell phones from switched over into my name. I will have to drop off a copy of my DD 214 for the veterans discount but it looks like the cost per phone will be around $28. 00 per month and that is doable. I’m a little peeved at Verizon store because of bad info given at the store, but I will say the gal on the telephone help line was very good. I have worked in food service as well as tech support and there is no reason to give out bad information about your programs. I always like to have good info upfront about having to jump through hoops rather some smooth talk about how easy something is to switch and it not be easy. I try not to blame the average workers as they are constrained by what they can say and do by corporate policies. But it is bad customer service to have a person visit a store five times to do a somewhat simple transaction of moving phone lines.  I don’t think I’m unusual in wanting some honest and forthright answers to start off with in any process.  I’d rather have an salesperson tell me up front that they have to jump through hoops with the companies PTBs and the fastest way to make something happen rather visiting a store many times when all I want to do is give them money for providing service I need.  What is really dumb is Verizon will actually make more money because we have added another plan.

Today was one of those days that it seemed very hard to get people to take our money. I realize our little bit of shopping was not a large amount of money to a big box store like Home Depot but they lost over $1200.00 in sales because of poor customer service. Mom wanted to buy a freezer on sale at Home Depot, only $160.00 but it was not in stock and they wanted to charge a $90.00 home delivery fee and take over a week just to get the item in the store.  Forget about Amazon I can get a freezer for about the same price at Fred Meyers and take it home today! I can get it delivered to my home in a couple of days with free shipping using my Amazon prime membership. I don’t get extra cool points for shopping at a big box store so if they can’t at least do as well as Fred Meyer’s they will lose sales. What is terrible is many of the employees are just as frustrated by the hoops they have to jump through and they know they are losing a sale!

I don’t want you to think I am just picking on Home Depot or that lowes is perfect. I have had both good and bad happen at both stores. The cooperate guys need to realize they must compete with great personal service to overcome Amazon’s low prices and really when Fred Meyer’s has as good or better prices, and item in stock to sell and you don’t stock an item in your building supply store is screwing up in a major way! Saving money is a big thing with some people but if you make it difficult for people to spend money at your store you are setting yourself up for failure!

Enough on my rant about basic economics. I should be able to get two free turkeys via Paul’s points plan. I want to buy a few more of the shelve systems at Fred Meyers so a .69 cent turkey will be doable. I like BBQing a turkey as the flavor from the mesquite seems to complement all poultry.  It also leaves the kitchen oven free for casseroles, breads and pie.  The holidays are going to be tough on Mom as she wants a close knit family and that has not worked out very well and the divorce will make it worse. I’m sorry that things did not work out for Mom. I think she wanted to become a matriarch and sort of square away the kids and that has not worked out so well. Life is not fair and we all just have to adjust daily to reality. The best we can do is plan, prep and adjust our plans when stuff happens to us.


7 Responses to Mom ordered the chicken shed

  1. I hear ya. Not only that places like Lowes have started trying to operate almost on a mail order method but with you picking it up because they don’t have enough in stock. Very frustrating.

  2. How do you bbq a turkey? I always have pies, casseroles, and oven hogs cooked the day before, but I have never heard of bbq-ing a turkey. Thanks.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical: It is pretty much like cooking in the oven except you turn it over and rotate the bird about every 15-20 minutes. I use an oven thermometer and for a 10-12 pound bird you need about 4 hours at 250 degrees F. or 3 hours at 325-350 degrees. I use a mesquite chunk charcoal and a chimney starter to keep the coals going and to add more charcoal as needed, usually one or two times depending on the outside temps.

      I brine my turkey for a couple of days using Apple cider as the base then Butter or olive oil the skin and then a dry rub. It helps if you let the turkey warm up about 30 minutes on the counter before cooking I keep a small roasting pan under grill rack the bird to catch drippings and add a little dark beer to the pan during the process wich seems to help with the cooking and adds flavor.

      Personally I think the BBQed turkey meat make the best leftover meat for sandwiches and turkey tacos.

  3. Sixbears says:

    Glad you got a chicken shed you are comfortable with.

    I had Verizon for about 6 months when I needed a big data plan while traveling. Let’s just say I don’t do business with them anymore. The service was fine but everything ended up costing 3X what I was originally led to believe.

    • Jamie says:

      Sixbears: I’m kind of excited to see the shed built and how it will look.
      I hear you on the verizon costs. I made sure I had no contract and go with a month to month plan.

  4. I don’t know it you about the discount Vets get all the time from Home Depot, its 10%.

    • Jamie says:

      Vicki: Both lowes and home depot offer 10% discount for vets. I had a great shopping experience with home depot when I bought my microwave so I was very disappointed with them on the shed.
      Actually it did work out going to lowes as we are geting a better shed built by a local company.

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