Plastic on the windows and thinking about chicken coops

I covered  the windows in my bedroom and PC room with plastic and seems to have helped stop some of the drafty cold air coming in. I really need to replace those windows and add some insulation to the area around the back door. The house is normally a bit dark and leaving the binds and curtains in place makes it very dark and cave like. I prefer to have more light coming in and while the plastic does not afford the best view it has helped a lot already. The wood in the porch wood rack lasted just over a week in zero degrees days,  but I only used one bucket of mill ends mostly for restarting the fire in the morning. I learned a lot about burning elm and it seems that I’m doing a better job making it burn more clean if the glass of the wood stove is any indication by staying clear of soot.

I moved a couple of fans around and I think they will do a little better job on moving the heat from the wood stove towards the to rooms in the back of the house. Last year I used the fruit woods and mill ends the front rooms would usually hit the high 70’s 80 degree mark and it was very nice to go into the back of the house to cool off. Now that I’m keeping the front rooms about 72 degrees heating with the wood stove it. The backrooms of the house are just a touch on the cool side.  When I can come up with an extra $10-20 grand to remodel and create an open floor plan in the house it will do better for both heating and cooling. That project is going to have to wait a few years.

I brought up the idea of going with a couple of smaller coops with Mom today and it did not go very well. Let just say we are both a little stressed out by trying to get all this moving done as quickly as possible and doing it in winter weather is not helping. I came up with a new idea for the foundation of the shed Mom wants to get for her chickens that uses sand and some concrete patio blocks. I have used the sand and block method on small projects around my house and feel confident that it will work and might be a little less expensive and work better than using wood for a foundation for the shed/coop.  My carpentry skills are mediocre at best, but I have a lot of confidence working with rock, sand and patio blocks.  I’m also on the look out for more pallets that could be used as a short term foundation.  I would need just 4 pallets to build a a semi-rigid, short term foundation for the shed as long as I get it level.  I have half-assed projects because of a lack of funds or just not knowing how to do stuff, but I hate it because you tend to spend more money and time trying to fix a problem you created by half-assing it!

I understand  that being a prepper/self reliant means you compromise in order to get things done. While some people will not do anything to prep until everything is perfect. (Never) I don’t think a person should just go blasting off on projects without a little research and practice.  If you are good at carpentry go for it and the same for any skill set you have. I think it is wise to understand your limitations as well and consider those limitations when prepping.

6 Responses to Plastic on the windows and thinking about chicken coops

  1. I hope you leave the center of the shed for the chickens natural and not concrete. They love to scratch and wallow.

    • Jamie says:

      Well the shed has a wood floor but Mom has a kennel for the chicken “yard” and I want them to free range in my backyard as much as posible.

  2. Sixbears says:

    I’ve used bubble wrap on windows. There’s no view, but it lets in light, plus insulates much better than a single sheet of plastic. Recently I found salvaged commercial drink cooler doors that fit perfectly over those windows and make great storm windows.

    It hasn’t been as cold here in NH -down to the teens, but nasty mix of rain, ice and snow. Today it’s high winds.

    My shipment of mill scrap was delayed so I’ve been burning those fuel blocks made out of pressed sawdust. Not the cheapest thing in the world, but saves me a lot of time and burns clean.

    • Jamie says:

      Six bears, I should start saving the bubble wrap for that idea.

      We have had a whole winter’s worth of weather in just a week!

      One of the nicest things this year was getting my wood early. I have about half of the millends leftover that I bought last year. I will start buying wood in the spring next year. I hope I can get elm again.

  3. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie covering the windows is a good idea, it has helped us in situations in the past. Do you have ceiling fans? They are a great way to help to “balance” out the heat inside when run on the slowest speed! Watch the Flea Markets and yard sales, sometimes one can find some good ones there.

    • Jamie says:

      I have on ceiling fan in my bedroom and another sitting in the shop I need to get installed once I can have an electrian put in the wire and box connection.
      I got a couple of small fans setup and they are doing a pretty good job pushing the heat through the house.

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