Last of Mom’s big stuff arrived today

The movers had to take off my front door to get Mom’s fridge onto the porch. Now that I see the fridge on the front porch I wonder why I didn’t put my little freezer there instead of in the shop? Well, live and learn once Mom gets her own place I can move my little freezer to the porch. Mom will probably be be moved in officially once the shed is built and the chickens get here in the first week of December. I need to move a few more boxes into the basement and the rooms need to get organized but overall we have enough space and Mom has a storage unit for the rest of her big stuff. Hopefully Dad can stop by and haul the holly branches to the dump next week and I can work on the carport area cleanup so the guys will have a plenty of room to work on the shed and Mom can park her Ford. Then again Mom may park the ford on the street as the ground in the shed area has a few uneven spots and with her knee the sidewalk is easier on her.

We have some more weather that is supposed to hit this weekend and they are calling for freezing rain. I need to get the wood pile stack up and shovel a bit more snow out front so I can lay down more ice melt before the storm hits. Hopefully I can finish up the shopping on Thursday, as Cash and Carry’s meat fridge died and I could not get my shopping done.  I wa a little tired today so I put off my shopping until Thursday. I have to get the turkey as it takes a bird a few days to thaw in the fridge and I want to brine it a few days. Pauls has a couple of items on sale and I want to get a new pair of snow boots this week. I sort of spoiled myself today cooking up a small Prime rib and fresh baked bread for dinner tonight. I wanted to see how the prime rib tasted after being frozen for almost a year and it tasted great and no freezer burn. Prime ribs tend to go on sale around the holidays so I wanted to make sure I could freeze it for a year with out sacrificing quality.

I can’t explain it but I have had an odd sense of foreboding the last couple of days. It seems more of a personal thing rather than a feeling that the SHTF for the USA. So I got the Kia gassed up, paid a few of reoccurring bills early, like car insurance, internet and the water and trash. I restarted my emergency cash savings plan again and I am holding off on replacing the drain pipes till next month and have a little more confidence in spending cash and I have all my ducks in a row so to speak. My advice for people is if you can make an emergency fund and not spend it, that is the best way to go for your emergency fund for 3-6 months of bills.

If you are like me and have a tough time saving cash, try to pay some of your small but critical bills early and up to 3 months ahead.  Since a savings account interest rate is not even staying on par with inflation, I think paying ahead on bills and saving yourself a late payment fee is the way to go, if you can’t seem to save cash like me. While very few people have a 3-6 month emergency fund if you have paid most of your basic utility bills early you will have time to adjust your spending in any event. One thing I am always concerned about is a bank run or the shutting down of banks and you have very limited access to your funds.  If you pay your reoccurring bills early, prepared on all the basics, then if a bank run should happen it is not not be a big concern because those bills are already paid and you have a buffer of 30-90 day of the next due date for your bills.  What is great is you can start with your smallest yet critical bill first and simply pay it one month forward. If nothing changes and you keep paying your bill you will always have that 1 month lead time and if money get tight you can blow off paying the bill for a month without any penalties.

Think about how nice it would be not to have pay any reoccurring  bill for 30-90 days.  It is very easy to do with most utilities giving you credit for any extra payments. While you might not have a true cash emergency fund you will know those bills are paid!

9 Responses to Last of Mom’s big stuff arrived today

  1. Spud says:

    If there are bank runs and the economy collapses, then at that point bills become meaningless….no one will be paying anyone anything. All utilities shut down because no one is being paid.
    Hard goods become the new currency.

  2. If I pay my store credit card three month’s payments, I still owe them a payment next month. So, paying three months’ payments would only lower the balance. The same goes for a mortgage payment. I would not pay any utility ahead for fear that utility might be cut off because of whatever might happen. The reason I know this is because I made two payments on something about 30 years ago and was shocked I had to make a payment the next month.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical: I don’t use credit cards so I don’t know about them. One reason I suggest paying ahead on insurance or utilities is they give you a “credit” for your next bill.

  3. JD says:

    I started doing that, paying ahead on some of my utilities bills that have a set amount that is always recurring. Some of the other utility bills I have been adding extra to the payment. The amount varies but I try to aim for $20 to $40 extra on them.

    • Jamie says:

      JD I need to start that on my electric bill. The summer is now the more expensive electric bills since I got the wood stove.

      • JD says:

        I am a firm believer in what I know and not the unknown. Since I live in AZ the electric bill kills us most month and the natural gas is never as bad. Never the less, the pitiful extra I sent in the summer and now to electric company can’t hurt.

  4. S.Lynn says:

    A foreboding feeling? How unsettling for you. I get frustrated watching and reading the news lately. I think I’m going to go without for a week and see if I feel better. I guess if something big happened I’d hear about it some way. Just a week. It will be hard since I’m a news junkie (instapundit/drudge report/weasel zippers, etc).

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynn: You sound a lot like me as I have been a news junkie since the the third grade! Taking a week off of the doom and gloom is a great idea. Speaking for myself I tend to get worked up over stuff I have no control over and with my preps being pretty solid I don’t have a lot of worries about day to day living.

      I imagine that you are a little anxious about your move to Idaho and it is taking longer and costs more than you anticipated so you feel as if you are straddling between a good situation and a bad one and that uncertainty makes you a little nervous.

      Funny my Foreboding feeling is starting to go away and perhaps I was picking up on the negative energy for Mom and Dad divorcing as well as not sure about moving the chickens to a shed I built, rather than a well made shed that Mom bought. Like I said it was a personal foreboding not some prophetic thought of the SHTF.

      My powers of prophecy suck, thank God! My thoughts about an economic collapse is not based on prophesy it is simply math.

      You can’t say you are a prophet when you watch people build homes on a beach of sand and homes wiped out in a storm or hurricane. That’s not Prophecy that is common sense.

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