Extreme jenga stacking millends, holly branches and making pandemic buckets

I have been a little concerned about the guys having enough room to build the chicken shed.  So today I finished stacking up the last of the tossed elm, freeing enough room for about half of the mill ends in the elm wood pile. I surprised myself in how much of the wood I got moved today and the area for the shed is all raked up and the rock layer looks level and ready to go.  One of the neighbors said there is a racoon out and about and has killed a few chickens.  With the shed and kennel the chickens should be safe from any predators. I have a couple  motion detector/spot lights that are sensitive under the car port so any furry little bandits should be seen before they can attack the birds.  Mom and I have pellet/BB guns so we can persuade the racoon to hunt elsewhere.  I wonder if the holly branches might help the neighbors to make a barrier around their coops against the racoons?  Those holly leaves act like rose thorns when I was cutting them down. It would be nice if we could get another use out of the holly, rather than just send them to the dump.

Lovely weather right now in the Treasure valley.  Upper 40’s today and it looks like it will stay warm until Friday so the BBQ turkey looks like a go!  SW Idaho can get sort of crazy weather depending on if it comes out of Alaska and is cold or up from Cali and is warm. We might even see the low 50’s this week!  I am letting the stove go cold so I can finish cleaning out the ash. The glass window of the stove is staying cleaner so I think I’m doing a better job of using the wood.  Mom said if she needs to buy a replacement stove for her new “home” she will get one of the Pacific Energy type stoves as they are well insulated and you can place furniture very close with no fear of fire.

Since Mom is moving into my Sickroom, I moved most of my pandemic supplies into buckets moving the buckets to my medical storage area. I’m using my blue buckets as sort of a quick color coding and one bag full of the Tyveck suits and the light weight bulky items.  This will free up a shelf and some floor space for some of her stuff like blankets and bedding.  In the catch all room I did a little more rearranging and moving some item to the basement so we gained a lot more floor and storage space.  A new goal for 2015  is to add more wall shelving and going vertical with my storage. I have the tools on hand and making shelves will be a great way to improve my woodworking/carpentry skills.

While I’m doing a lot of work because of  Mom moving in, it has motivated me to square away many jobs I put off because I did not want to do the work.  Nothing like panic to get you motivated to get stuff done!  Plus if I was a little to conservative about the space for building the shed I’m sure the guys would have moved the wood and charged us big time for a time consuming but very simple job.  The shed will be built the first week of December so I still have some time and it looks like good weather to finish up getting things ready for the chickens.

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