Brining the turkey, finished the last of the chicken coop prep

I’m using brown sugar this year in the Apple cider brine. I think it might add a subtle enhancement to the BBQ turkey.  If your turkey is still frozen you can speed up the thawing of the bird by putting it a food safe bucket filled with cool water and set it in the fridge.  Having your turkey still frozen when you try to cook it is a disaster waiting to happen! I have a couple of new gadgets to try out on this meal. I can go back to using the coffee grinder for coffee since I got a neat battery powered pepper grinder at a yard sale that holds a lot of spice for my new spice grinder. I have a spice mix for rotisserie chicken that I will use as the dry rub on the turkey.

Since I have most of the stuff needed for the outdoor kitchen next year I might try a deep fried turkey. I don’t know if this happens to other preppers as they get stuff, sometimes I suddenly realize that I have many more options because of the equipment I buy. While the outdoor propane burners were bought for canning and beer making in the summer there is no reason why I can’t use it for deep frying a turkey. Alton Brown did a show on food network using an A-frame ladder so you could lower the turkey from a safe distance and not worry about the oil splashing out and burning you. Guess what I just bought such a ladder!  The safety factor has kept me from doing a deep fried turkey in the past, but now that I have the tools it might be an interesting food experiment.

I went ahead and removed one section of the compost bin and moved the small pile of compost to the main bin. The deepest part of the compost pile is staying hot which sort of surprised me after the little cold snap we had this month. The spent beer grains sort of super charged the compost pile and I still have plenty of leaves for the browns. With the leftover beer grains the chickens don’t eat, it might be possible to keep the compost pile warm and working this winter.  Moving the pile will give me more room for the kennel/chicken run. Mom said the chickens might tear up that part of the yard but I think they will be a great help on working the soil, garden beds and compost pile free ranging in the backyard this winter.  The chickens will spend about a week in the kennel/run and a small chicken house until the shed is built. The weather forcast is for warm temps but a bit of rain. I think we might have to use a few tarp to the kennel walls in order to keep them dry. I thank God for that warmer weather we needed it!  A big plus from my point of view is I get a free education about chickens that I can use for starting my own small flock in the future.

Dad drove by and saw the holly branch pile I made and sent me a text that was thinking a few branches hauled to the dump not a whole forest.  Exaggerations aside I have to say the holly branches do make a formidable fence/windbreak when stacked up. If he has enough room in the trash trailer to haul some of the branches away great! Otherwise I will work on cutting and throwing a few branches each week in the garbage bins. The alley area looks much better so I should not get a nasty gram from the city and Mom has a place to park her vehicle out back.  I have figured out a solution for my slash pile from the mill end dump and once the chicken shed is in place I can re stack the mill ends against the shed for a little insulation for the chickens and Mom can park her Ford sort of under the carport. The overhead cover might help keep at least the front windshield clear of frost and snow this winter. I have a section in the alley I’m dumping the wood ash from the stove in hopes of killing out a few of the surface weeds and add some carbon and nutrients to work into the soil.

I did a little more organizing of Mom stuff in the catch all room, put a couple of bins in the basement along with bags of shoes. I think I have a few more shelves in the shop we can use for the lighter items and that could free up shop floor space for the heavy stuff.  This move was done in a rush and it is hard to make thing organized when you are in a hurry. Hopefully Mom is getting towards the end of moving the small stuff and once the chickens are moved we can organize her things so they take up less space and also thing can be found as she needs them.

2 Responses to Brining the turkey, finished the last of the chicken coop prep

  1. JD says:

    Even if you have to slowly feed the holly branches into your trash can they will be gone before you know it! Bet it looks better with it “tamed” they do get a bit unruly at times.

    Have a good Thanksgiving!

    • Jamie says:

      JD, You read my mind. I was a little surprised by how the cut holly branchs look stacked up in the alleyway. They look more like a natural feature rather than a bunch of trash.
      I sort of figured I would add a few shovel full of the slash pileand a few holly braches to the garbage bins each week and like you said both will be gone before I know it. Slow and steady is what wins the race!

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