Huzzah, the chicken pen is on site and the holly bushes are not!

I’m a little tired but a huge stress load has been lifted off my shoulders getting the chicken pen here and ready for the birds. Dad brought all of the panels for the pen on a flatbed trailer and helped me set it up, then he and I loaded up all the holly branches on the trailer that he hauled to the dump. I’m glad I had the holly stacked neatly as loading the trailer went very fast.  The chickens are a little crowded for now but the shed will be here in less than a week. The birds seem happy digging in some of the leftover compost/leaf clutter, Diana the peke is intrigued and Smokey the cat is ignoring the birds.  Thankfully we have a couple of warm days the birds to settle and I can run the power cord from the shop to the pen on Saturday.

I did not consider that we can sit and watch the birds from the patio when I picked the location. My estimates of the area of the pen were dead on and we have a good foot of clearance from the cherry tree branches. I had to sort of guesstimate the height of the kennel and was concerned about the clearance. While I whined about moving the mill end stacks of wood, I’m glad I got it done as one of Mom’s temporary chicken houses was a bit larger than I anticipated and it would have been much more difficult to move into place with the mill ends in the way.  The guys building the shed will have plenty of clearance for moving in the pre-fab walls and roof.  The tin snips made fast work trimming the chicken wire and should cut through the chain link fence with no problem. Buying tools through out the year has been a huge help with this project. Heck I even got to show off my new ladder to Dad while building the pen.

I tested out a small ramp that should help all the pekes go in and out the Doggie door. Diana is acting like she has a sprained front limb and is a little gimpy at times. Mom’s pekes are older than Diana and have a little trouble navigating steps so this ramp should make it easier for all the pekes.  All I need to do to finish the ramp is one cut with the saw then screw it together and paint it. Super easy job for the weekend. The trick will be getting the dogs to use the ramp!

I think Mom is close to hitting her wall. We have both been surprised she hasn’t had a bad Fybro flare, but I think she is getting close to turning into a puddle of goo.  Once her dogs are here and one more piece of furniture is moved to my place. I hope I can convince her to let it go and let the court divide the rest of the stuff.  With the world getting all crazy there is no reason to make yourself nuts about things you can replace. Things that are unique of have sentimental value are a little different, but a bed is no big deal. Heck, I’ll give her the bed in her room as I have a couple of German day beds and a futon that would work as guest room beds. As I told her today “this is not the hill you want to die on”. We need to move on, get  stuff organized not worry about scoring argument points or being pissy about minor stuff!

2 Responses to Huzzah, the chicken pen is on site and the holly bushes are not!

  1. JD says:

    Your statement to your mother is right on. Trust me, as a person that at one time was attached to far too many “things” I have let go and moved on. It is slow and at times painful but now it is so nice to be “free” of so many “things” and just have what I need and use. Of course there are a few sentimental things but not many. Memories live inside us.

    • Jamie says:

      JD: I understand the idea about stuff. The things you buy are a representaion of your time, energy and effort. A Flat screen TV can be replaced in time but a digital camera full of photo memories not so much. The camera maybe a lot cheaper in cost compared to a flat screen TV but it’s value to you maybe irreplacable at any cost.

      When my niece lived with me a few years ago and her boys destroyed a small 20 inch TV and she told me I could just buy another TV. I saw how she did not value the time, effort or energy that went into buying “stuff”.

      I am not saying that things are more important than people. But if you buy something you invest hours of time,effort and physical energy to get that item, and that is very important in my mind. So your stuff does mean something and it has value if only to you!

      I hate folks that think they can steal or turn Pirate/marauder simple becuase they are to lazy to prepare. I’d like to ask those people if they think they are nastier than me if the want to take my preps? Why do they think I will not protect what is mine more than they want to loot me?

      I don’t want to kill anyone and I have several non-lethal items to try and drive off the mob. I also have several weapons that will stack up the mob like cord wood. I want all to know I don’t want to kill anyone and I’m sure most looters don’t want to die. But I will kill to protect my home and my stuff. Your choice!

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