Oh crap, Carpentry skills needed

I’m no carpenter, I know enough to know I don’t know enough.  Well guess what you need to figure things out and make them work. I have framed in the door for the chicken shed and my measurements were accurate. I did not want to cut the wire of the kennel till I had a plan. I have a plan and I will need to cut more wire to make things work. I want Mom’s shed to be functional and look good. We primed and sealed the MDF floor and the lower 2×4’s for chicken poo. Someone with good carpentry skills and or woodworking tools and skills could have knocked this out in a couple of hours.  I have neither, so it is taking a bit more time to visualize the fix needed.  I should be able to finish up the wood work for the coop/shed on Sunday.  But I have a few more power tools I want to add to my shop!

One of my goals this year is to add tools. I am going electric and or battery powered as much as possible because a gas generator will run a corded power tools and charge batteries But it is hard to adapt a gas powered tool too electric power. Solar energy is always an option for charging small batteries. No matter how much fuel you store, sooner or later it will run out,  unless you have an alternative energy supply.

I’m all about thinking long term, but a small gas generator can keep your fridge and freezer going for a week or two. Hey you have a couple of weeks to dehydrate, can or figure out a root cellar, in order to preserve food.  I have been running a an experiment on how long garden produce lasts on the kitchen counter and the results have surprised me. My patty pan/summer squashes are still firm and ready for cooking and a couple of cucumbers are showing some longevity with no refrigeration.  Heck it is December and Mom looks through my picked veggies to add a little” fresh veggies” to the chicken feed.

Times are tough and simple does not mean easy! I have worked on a 3 year plan of bulk goods sealed in 55 gallon drums. My water storage is fairly significant in a base of three 60 gallon water drums as well as four 15 gallon drums upstairs and easy to use.  I can’t tell you what you need for your basics. I think you need about a 6 month supply of your basics stocked up at a minimum. But what you choose to do is on you, and I am a Doom and gloomer “worst case scenario” sort of person.

2 Responses to Oh crap, Carpentry skills needed

  1. S.Lynn says:

    I’m all for more power when it comes to power tools. But just in case I have a few “manual powered” saws (cross cut and rip), a hurdy gurdy (sp?) for drilling, a planer, and more. My next stock up is going to be building materials, fasteners, etc.

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynn, I have a few hand tools and try to get more at yard sales but I love my battery powered drill and the electric circular and jig saw sure make it easy. My biggest problem is I was working in a confined space, what with the kennel placement and 3 layers of wire to cut through for the door.
      I want to add a small cable and pulley system along with putting the chicken door on a couple of hunges so Mom can shut the chickens in the house at night by herself. I think the basic setup will be simple and the hardware cost should be about $20.00 at most.
      Mom is sort of used to having an extra body around, but if she moves into her own place she will have to get jobs done by herself. So adding a bit of hardware to make jobs easier for one person just makes sense. A little extra effort now will make the little jobs easier in the long run.

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