Got most of the shopping done and one small glitch

I gassed up the car and it cost only $24.00 which is a nice change compared too having a 50 dollar bill used up this Summer.  I got an 11 pound chunk of Beeswax as the bee keeper busted apart an 18 pound chunk of wax for me. I need to make that chunk a bit smaller in order to clean it. I now know how to cut the wax into smaller chunks, you need a small pry bar and a hammer. Though I think a wedge and sledge hammer would work as well! Real beeswax is dense but that is what makes it so good for candles and for other craft items/projects. I can afford to spend the time to clean the wax for my salves as well as Mom’s candle making idea. It’s one of those jobs you can start and check on through out the day.  It’s not fast but you can get other things done while the wax melts.

I stopped by the pawn shop to pick up the tools on layaway. While I was there the shop had an older kindle fire with no cord pretty cheap. I could not register the kindle and it turns out the kindle fire was reported lost or stolen! I gave the pawn shop owner a heads up about the issue and they were very pro-active about saying bring the kindle back for a full refund and then tracking down the person that brought the kindle into their shop.  I learned a few things about identifying the kindles and I think I’d like a kindle fire with a camera and something I can use as a tablet via wireless around the house. I think a Tablet has a place in your preps as it can be a great electronic Multi-tasker. It takes less energy to power a tablet compared to a laptop computer and a desktop is an electronic power hog, at least based on what I build. I love my old kindle keyboard model as I have all kinds of books stored on it.

I stopped by the local hardware store and got another pair of the gloves I like so well.  I have an odd shaped hand large palms but sort of short fingers. So I can sort of use both small and medium gloves as one size will fit the palm and the other size fits my fingers. I picked up a saw blade for the reciprocating saw that cuts plastic and should help finishing up my plumbing repair.  I picked up a small space heater for Mom as her small SS check hits on the 24th this month and I don’t think shopping on that day will be fun! I have paid a few small bills ahead, so things are going fairly well overall and we both have a bit of time to build up some cash reserves. I’m a little bit cash-poor this month as I’m buying up silver on sale.  No, I don’t need any help as I have been cash poor in the past and I have learned to deal with it.  We will have a nice, if sort simple Xmas with a bit of Prime rib and the Holiday fixings. If you can afford Prime rib, you aren’t really poor!

Mom let out the chickens to free range a bit in the backyard. Talk about happy birds scratching through the leaf clutter and mulch. Diana the peke was very good with the birds, though Smokey the cat was in nap mode while the chicken free ranged.  Most of the chickens did very well when Mom called them to the kennel/chicken coop. I  can clean up the cuts around chicken door area with the reciprocating saw I bought and sort of get a feel for how it works. By this weekend I think I’ll be ready to tackle the plumbing repair jobs.

A lot of self-reliance and prepping is very mundane and sort of boring in many ways.  Speaking for myself, I get a huge thrill about meeting a goal or learning a new skill. Watching the grass grow, comes to mind and yes I have done that, as a measure of trying to improve soil. Some of the things are sort of entertaining. Watching Diana the peke with the chickens free ranging. Watching the chickens have a great time scratching through the leaf mulch of my raised garden beds is sort of entertaining to me.  I suppose I have always been a bit odd but that is okay. I like simple things and simple entertainments.

Last thing for the year is set up a crossbow/pellet gun range for practice of basic shooting skills.  I have about a 15 meter range with a good backstop. It’s a bit short range but it’s the best I can do on my city lot.


4 Responses to Got most of the shopping done and one small glitch

  1. JD says:

    So nice to have gas prices down I could get use to this!! 😀

    Funny, I bought a small prime rib for the two of us. Great sale going on and it had my name on it. Anyway, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

    • Jamie says:

      JD: I love the lower gas prices. I spent $24.16 to top off my Kia and it was great.

      This a great time to by your “roast beast” items and stockup the freezer. I like prime ribs but a Ney york roast is a good buy at $3.99 per pound.

  2. TOR says:

    Lower gas prices are nice for sure. True that if you are buying prime rib one probably isn’t poor but people can make all sorts of choices.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR I bought my Prime ribs in Jan./Feb. timeframe before beef prices started going up this year. That is a long time to store beef in a freezer but I double wrapped the roasts and doing the rub 24 hours prior to cooking worked out great. A prime rib that costs $5.00 or $6.00 per pound costs about the same as a delivered pizza. All you have to do is cook the Prime rib.

      I love my rotissorie oven for doing roasts! The meat does not dry out, yet the extra fats drip away from the meat. I think the roast looked a little freezer burnt, but using the 24 hour dry rub and cooking it on the rotisserie I could not taste it.

      If you can afford it now is the time to stock up on your holiday meats for next year. I know 11-12 months in the freezer is pushing it for meat storage in a freezer, but I have proven it is doable.

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