A few fix-it jobs around the house got done

I found the leak but it is actually at the bathroom sink faucet rather than the pipe. In a strange sort of way it worked out that I could not get the kindle fire as I now have the money to pick up a nice faucet for the bathroom for about the same cost. I feel a bit silly cutting a small hole in the sheet rock looking for the leak but I have to say the reciprocating saw did a great job cutting the hole. I have a spot in my bedroom where the sheet rock was damaged from a roof leak and the reciprocating saw will make it much easier to cut out the damaged area and replace the sheet rock.

I added a small wooden latch to hold the chicken house door in place when Mom closes up the chickens at night.  I cut the plywood of the door to size so it is easier to move though I think we could add a couple of small hinges to the door and make it fit fairly tight. I still need to clean up the door cutout but so far the birds don’t seem to mind it looking a little messy. I have to say having the proper tools on hand sure make jobs around the house a lot easier and quicker.  With my limited physical energy and strength having these tools has a real blessing.  Of course I am running out of excuses of why I haven’t fixed things!

Speaking of the chickens Mom let them out to free range again and Smokey the cat watched the birds and even explored the chicken pen and house.  Smokey did not act like the birds were prey and was actually a bit timid around the chickens. Overall my pets have come to accept the chickens as another creature that is part of Casa de Chaos.  Mom is a bit dissappointed with the egg production so far, but I think the chickens seem happy and relaxed so eventually the eggs will come in time.  I enjoy watching the chickens scratch around the yard. They seem really happy hunting bugs they can find. A great thing about chickens is they get rid of many bad bugs like fleas and ticks as well as keep other bugs under control.

I got Diana the peke’s nails trimmed and for the first time I did not draw blood by cutting the nails to close to the quik. I also trimmed up the fur on her feet and that grows between her pads. I think one of the nails was making her a bit lame by pushing into the pad or perhaps in between the pads when she stepped wrong of jumped around. Any way she is much bettter and much less gimpy on that leg.

We have some damp, cold and generally dreary weather moving in.  Mom and I can work on getting stuff organized in the basement and shop.  I can’t afford the washer drain pipe fix right now since I have to install the faucet. I have a work around for the washer drain and I can afford to get the pipe next month. I’m letting Mom stay for”free” this month as I have not seen a big rise in my utility costs so far and she is on  a very restricted income until things get settled in the divorce.  I might be able to pay back more of the debt I owe by eating the costs and taking it off the debt so Mom doesn’t have to pay for living at my house for a couple of months.  If we both agree to this money system it should be a win/win for both of us.  The only utilities I’m a bit concerned about is electricity and water. If Mom has to run a heater to keep the chickens warm this winter that will add to my electric bill. So far the temps have been mild and adding the LED light bulbs seems to have mitigated any rise in lighting usage.  Mom and I are sort of water intensive so that cost will go up but that bill was paid ahead so we got a couple of months before we need to deal with that bill.

Speaking from my experience money is all about how much you keep, not how much you spend. When you spend it must be for something you need to survive first and then you look at lasting value for hard goods.  It does not matter if it is tools, silver or food and water as long as you keep building up those real tangible goods that help you survive.

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